TAO  2.3.3
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TAO::ObjectKey Class Reference

#include <Object_KeyC.h>

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Public Types

typedef ObjectKey_var _var_type
- Public Types inherited from TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet >
typedef CORBA::Octet value_type
typedef CORBA::Octet element_type
typedef CORBA::Octet const const_value_type
typedef value_typesubscript_type
typedef value_type const & const_subscript_type
typedef ::CORBA::ULong size_type
typedef details::unbounded_value_allocation_traits< value_type, true > allocation_traits
typedef details::value_traits< value_type, true > element_traits
typedef details::generic_sequence< value_type, allocation_traits, element_traitsimplementation_type
typedef details::range_checking< value_type, true > range

Public Member Functions

 ObjectKey (void)
 ObjectKey (CORBA::ULong max)
 ObjectKey (CORBA::ULong max, CORBA::ULong length, CORBA::Octet *buffer, CORBA::Boolean release=false)
 ObjectKey (const ObjectKey &)
 ~ObjectKey (void)
 ObjectKey (CORBA::ULong length, const ACE_Message_Block *mb)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet >
 unbounded_value_sequence ()
 unbounded_value_sequence (CORBA::ULong maximum)
 unbounded_value_sequence (CORBA::ULong maximum, CORBA::ULong length, value_type *data, CORBA::Boolean release=false)
 ~unbounded_value_sequence ()
 unbounded_value_sequence (CORBA::ULong length, const ACE_Message_Block *mb)
CORBA::ULong maximum () const
CORBA::Boolean release () const
CORBA::ULong length () const
void length (CORBA::ULong length)
value_type const & operator[] (CORBA::ULong i) const
value_typeoperator[] (CORBA::ULong i)
void replace (CORBA::ULong maximum, CORBA::ULong length, value_type *data, CORBA::Boolean release=false)
value_type const * get_buffer () const
value_typeget_buffer (CORBA::Boolean orphan=false)
bool operator== (const unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &rhs) const
void swap (unbounded_value_sequence &rhs) throw ()
ACE_Message_Blockmb (void) const
void replace (CORBA::ULong length, const ACE_Message_Block *mb)
 unbounded_value_sequence (const unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &rhs)
unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > & operator= (const unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &rhs)

Static Public Member Functions

static void encode_sequence_to_string (char *&str, TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > const &seq)
static void decode_string_to_sequence (TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &seq, char const *str)
static CORBA::Boolean is_legal (unsigned char c)
static CORBA::Boolean demarshal_key (ObjectKey &key, TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet >
static value_typeallocbuf (CORBA::ULong maximum)
static void freebuf (value_type *buffer)

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ObjectKey_var TAO::ObjectKey::_var_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::ObjectKey::ObjectKey ( void  )
TAO::ObjectKey::ObjectKey ( CORBA::ULong  max)
TAO::ObjectKey::ObjectKey ( CORBA::ULong  max,
CORBA::ULong  length,
CORBA::Octet buffer,
CORBA::Boolean  release = false 
TAO::ObjectKey::ObjectKey ( const ObjectKey seq)
TAO::ObjectKey::~ObjectKey ( void  )
TAO::ObjectKey::ObjectKey ( CORBA::ULong  length,
const ACE_Message_Block mb 

Member Function Documentation

void TAO::ObjectKey::decode_string_to_sequence ( TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > &  seq,
char const *  str 
CORBA::Boolean TAO::ObjectKey::demarshal_key ( ObjectKey key,
TAO_InputCDR cdr 

A special method that gives no regard to how the ORB has configured the resource factory. This will be used only during Profile decoding and should be safe. This is a solution for the bug report [Bug 1616]

void TAO::ObjectKey::encode_sequence_to_string ( char *&  str,
TAO::unbounded_value_sequence< CORBA::Octet > const &  seq 
CORBA::Boolean TAO::ObjectKey::is_legal ( unsigned char  c)

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