TAO_PI  2.2.8
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TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry Class Reference

ORB-specific PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory registry. More...

#include <PolicyFactory_Registry.h>

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Public Types

typedef ACE_Map_Manager
< CORBA::PolicyType,

Public Member Functions

 TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry (void)
 Constructor. More...
 ~TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry (void)
 Destructor. Releases duplicated PolicyFactory references. More...
void register_policy_factory (CORBA::PolicyType type, PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory_ptr policy_factory)
CORBA::Policy_ptr create_policy (CORBA::PolicyType type, const CORBA::Any &value)
CORBA::Policy_ptr _create_policy (CORBA::PolicyType type)
bool factory_exists (CORBA::PolicyType &type) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter
virtual ~PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter (void)

Private Attributes

TABLE factories_
 The table that maps policy type to policy factory. More...

Detailed Description

ORB-specific PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory registry.

ORB-specific registry that contains all portable interceptor policy factories.

Member Typedef Documentation

The type of table that maps policy type to policy factory.

An ACE_Null_Mutex is used for this type since policy factories are only registered when CORBA::ORB_init() is called, at which a point a lock has already been acquired. In short, the table is only modified during ORB bootstrap-time.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry ( void  )


TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::~TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry ( void  )

Destructor. Releases duplicated PolicyFactory references.

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::_create_policy ( CORBA::PolicyType  type)

Create an empty policy, usually to be filled in later by demarshaling.

Implements TAO::PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter.

CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::create_policy ( CORBA::PolicyType  type,
const CORBA::Any &  value 

Construct a policy of the given type with the information contained in the CORBA::Any value.

Implements TAO::PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter.

bool TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::factory_exists ( CORBA::PolicyType type) const

Check if a PolicyFactory corresponding to the given type, exists.

Implements TAO::PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter.

void TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::register_policy_factory ( CORBA::PolicyType  type,
PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory_ptr  policy_factory 

Register a PolicyFactory with the underlying PolicyFactory sequence. This method should only be called during ORB initialization.

Implements TAO::PolicyFactory_Registry_Adapter.

Member Data Documentation

TABLE TAO_PolicyFactory_Registry::factories_

The table that maps policy type to policy factory.

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