TAO_PI  2.2.8
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TAO_PI_ORBInitializer Class Reference

PortableServer ORB initializer. More...

#include <PI_ORBInitializer.h>

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Public Member Functions

PortableInterceptor::ORBInitializer methods

The following methods are required by the PortableInterceptor::ORBInitializer interface.

void pre_init (PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr info)
void post_init (PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr info)
- Public Member Functions inherited from PortableInterceptor::ORBInitializer
void pre_init (in ORBInitInfo info)
void post_init (in ORBInitInfo info)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CORBA::Object
virtual TAO::ObjectKey_key (void)
virtual CORBA::ULong _hash (CORBA::ULong maximum)
virtual CORBA::Boolean _is_equivalent (CORBA::Object_ptr other_obj)
virtual CORBA::Boolean _non_existent (void)
virtual InterfaceDef_ptr _get_interface (void)
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr _get_component (void)
virtual char * _repository_id (void)
virtual void _create_request (CORBA::Context_ptr ctx, const char *operation, CORBA::NVList_ptr arg_list, CORBA::NamedValue_ptr result, CORBA::Request_ptr &request, CORBA::Flags req_flags)
virtual void _create_request (CORBA::Context_ptr ctx, const char *operation, CORBA::NVList_ptr arg_list, CORBA::NamedValue_ptr result, CORBA::ExceptionList_ptr exclist, CORBA::ContextList_ptr ctxtlist, CORBA::Request_ptr &request, CORBA::Flags req_flags)
virtual CORBA::Request_ptr _request (const char *operation)
virtual CORBA::ORB_ptr _get_orb (void)

Private Member Functions

void register_policy_factories (PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr info)
 Register PortableInterceptor policy factories. More...

Private Attributes

PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory_var policy_factory_
 Instance of the PI policy factory. More...

Detailed Description

PortableServer ORB initializer.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_PI_ORBInitializer::post_init ( PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr  info)
void TAO_PI_ORBInitializer::pre_init ( PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr  info)
void TAO_PI_ORBInitializer::register_policy_factories ( PortableInterceptor::ORBInitInfo_ptr  info)

Register PortableInterceptor policy factories.

Member Data Documentation

PortableInterceptor::PolicyFactory_var TAO_PI_ORBInitializer::policy_factory_

Instance of the PI policy factory.

The PI policy factory is stateless and reentrant, so share a single instance between all ORBs.

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