TAO_DynamicInterface  2.2.8
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCContextListContextList definition taken from CORBA v2.3a Dec 1998
|oCExceptionListExceptionList definition taken from CORBA v2.2 Feb 1998
|oCServerRequestClass representing the CORBA ServerRequest pseudo-object
|oNto_boolean >
|oNto_char >
|oNto_octet >
|oNto_wchar >
|oNChar * >
|oNDouble >
|oNFloat >
|oNLong >
|oNLongDouble >
|oNLongLong >
|oNObject >
|oNShort >
|oNULong >
|oNULongLong >
|oNUShort >
|oNWChar * >
|oNstring >
|oNwstring >
||\NWChar >
|oNInterfaceDef_ptr >
|oNObject >
|\NOctet >
oCTAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_HolderThis is the class for holding exception
oCTAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder_outThe T_out class for exception holder
oCTAO_AMH_DSI_Exception_Holder_varThe T_var class for exception holder
oCTAO_AMH_DSI_Response_HandlerThis is the main class for DSI using AMH
oCTAO_AMH_DSI_Response_Handler_varThe T_var class for response handler
oCTAO_DII_Asynch_Reply_DispatcherReply dispatcher for DII asynch requests
oCTAO_DII_Deferred_Reply_DispatcherReply dispatcher for DII deferred requests
oCTAO_DII_Reply_HandlerThe class for DII reply handler
oCTAO_DII_Reply_Handler_varThe T_var class for reply handler
\CTAO_DynamicImplementationBase class for DSI