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oCACE_Equal_To< CORBA::String_var >
oCACE_Hash< CORBA::String_var >
oCACE_Less_Than< CORBA::String_var >
oCTAO_AdminThis class implements CosTrading::Admin IDL interface
oCTAO_Binary_ConstraintTAO_Binary_Constraint represents an operation with left and right operands
oCTAO_ConstraintTAO_Constraint is the base class of all nodes on the constraint expression tree
oCTAO_Constraint_EvaluatorTAO_Constraint_Evaluator traverse a constraint expression tree, and determines whether an offer fits the constraints represented by the tree
oCTAO_Constraint_InterpreterTAO_Constraint_Interpreter will, given a constraint string whose syntax and semantics comply with the trader specification for the constraint language, determine if a CosTrading::Offer meets the constraints
oCTAO_Constraint_ValidatorTAO_Constraint_Validator ensures that in an expression tree passed to it, the operands of each operation match the correct types
oCTAO_Constraint_VisitorThis is the base class for all visitors who wish to preform some operation from the state of the expression tree. Using double dispatching, subclasses of Constraint expression call back to the InterpreterVisitor subclass from the accept method
oCTAO_Dynamic_PropertyLittle helper class that you can extend to have your dynamic property handler construct CosTradingDynamic::DynamicProp structs
oCTAO_Element_EqualFunction object for determining if the sequence element at the current position of the dynamic sequence any parameter is equal to the element parameter
oCTAO_Element_Equal< const char * >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Boolean >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Double >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Float >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Long >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::LongLong >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::Short >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::ULong >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::ULongLong >
oCTAO_Element_Equal< CORBA::UShort >
oCTAO_Import_Attributes_iThis class stores, allows access to and modification of trader's import attributes
oCTAO_InterpreterTAO_Interpreter is the superclass for all interpreters. Its build tree method invokes the yacc parser to parse a constraint or preference string
oCTAO_Lex_String_InputHave Lex read from a string and not from stdin. Essentially, the interpreter needs to call yylex() until EOF, and call TAO_Lex_String_Input::reset() with the new string, prior to calling yyparse
oCTAO_Link_Attributes_iThis class stores, allows access to and modification of trader's link attributes
oCTAO_Literal_ConstraintTAO_Literal_Constraint represents a literal occuring in the constraint expression tree
oCTAO_LookupThis class implements CosTrading::Lookup IDL interface
oCTAO_Noop_ConstraintA node that represents an operation with no operands
oCTAO_Offer_FilterThe purpose of this class is to ensure that offers that shouldn't be considered by the TAO_Constraint_Interpreter aren't
oCTAO_Offer_ModifierThis class deletes, modifies, and adds properties to a given offer according to the rules of the modify method on the Register interface
oCTAO_PoliciesThis class ensures that policies submitted to Lookup make sense, have the correct value types, and don't exceed the maximums set through the Admin Interface
oCTAO_Policy_CreatorThis class is a utility for clients using the CosTrading::Lookup interface that helps them build a policy sequence without violating syntax rules and having to mess with typecodes
oCTAO_Preference_InterpreterThe TAO_Preference_Interpreter will, given a valid preference string and offers, will order the offers based on the offers' compliance with the preferences
oCTAO_Property_ConstraintTAO_Property_Constraint represents a property whose value is determined by the offer being evaluated
oCTAO_Property_EvaluatorThis class abstracts away the details of obtaining property values and property types. Since the procedure for obtaining the value or type of a dynamic property is disparate from the method for a static property, TAO_Property_Evaluator provides methods that will unify the two approaches under a single interface. Since dynamic properties aren't necessarily supported by a trader, this class accounts for that contingency. The use of indexed lookups allows them to occur in constant time on the CORBA sequences, but requires that the client know the layout of properties ahead of time
oCTAO_Property_Evaluator_By_NameThis class extends the TAO_Property_Evaluator to allow lookups based on the property name of interest. Since the property information is contained within an integer indexed array, lookups may occur in O(n) time, where n is the length of the array. To make lookups by name more efficient, TAO_Property_Evaluator_By_Name creates a mapping of property names to integer indicies, upon which lookups are guaranteed to be O(lg n)
oCTAO_Property_FilterThe Ace_Property_Filter copies those properties specified in a CosTrading::Lookup::SpecifiedProps from a source CosTrading::Offer to a destination CosTrading::Offer
oCTAO_RegisterThis class implements CosTrading::Register IDL interface
oCTAO_Register_Offer_IteratorAn implementation of CosTrading::OfferIterator IDL interface appropriate when trader has Register functionality
oCTAO_Service_Offer_IteratorTAO_Service_Offer_Iterator iterates over the set of exported offers for a given type. Handily, it takes care of all the necessary locking, acquiring them in the constructor, and releasing them in the destructor
oCTAO_Service_Type_RepositoryThis class implements CosTradingRepos::ServiceTypeRepository IDL interface
oCTAO_Support_Attributes_iThis class stores, allows access to and modification of trader's support attributes
oCTAO_TraderThis class packages together all the various pieces that provide functionality specified in COS Trading specification
oCTAO_Trader_BaseTAO_Trader inherits from this "helper" class. The sole purpose of this class is to factor some of TAO_Trader's data members out, so that they would not have to be templatized and be be aware of the type of lock they use
oCTAO_Trader_FactoryUses command line arguments to construct a trader instance with the correct interface support, locking, and policy settings
oCTAO_Trading_Components_iSet/get methods for references to various interfaces of the trader
oCTAO_Unary_ConstraintTAO_Unary_Constraint represents an operation with only one operand