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TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory Class Reference

Create XML topology savers and loaders. More...

#include <XML_Topology_Factory.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XML_Topology_Factory ()
 The constructor. More...
virtual ~XML_Topology_Factory ()
virtual Topology_Savercreate_saver ()
virtual Topology_Loadercreate_loader ()
virtual int init (int argc, ACE_TCHAR *argv[])
virtual int fini ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_Notify::Topology_Factory
virtual ~Topology_Factory ()

Private Attributes

ACE_TString save_base_path_
ACE_TString load_base_path_
size_t backup_count_
bool timestamp_

Detailed Description

Create XML topology savers and loaders.

Loaded by a svc.conf line like: dynamic Topology_Factory Service_Object* TAO_CosNotificationd:_make_XML_Topology_Factory() "[arguments]" where arguments are: -base_path Base path (directory and filename) for both saving and loading. .xml will be appended to the base path Default is ./Notification_Service_Topology -save_base_path Base path for saving. -load_base_path Base path for loading. -file_count How many backup copies to keep. Default is 1 -no_timestamp Disable timestamping (makes files diffable) Note: you can set both saving and storing to the same file using -base_path Or you can set them independently using -save_base_path and -load_base_path

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::XML_Topology_Factory ( )

The constructor.

TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::~XML_Topology_Factory ( )

Member Function Documentation

Topology_Loader * TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::create_loader ( )

Create a Loader

a pointer to a Topology_Loader which must be deleted by the caller.

Implements TAO_Notify::Topology_Factory.

Topology_Saver * TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::create_saver ( )

Create a Saver.

a pointer to a Topology_Saver which must be deleted by the caller.

Implements TAO_Notify::Topology_Factory.

int TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::fini ( )
int TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::init ( int  argc,
ACE_TCHAR argv[] 

Member Data Documentation

size_t TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::backup_count_
ACE_TString TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::load_base_path_
ACE_TString TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::save_base_path_
bool TAO_Notify::XML_Topology_Factory::timestamp_

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