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CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer Interface Reference

Defines the interface shared by all consumer proxies. More...


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Public Member Functions

CosNotification::EventTypeSeq obtain_subscription_types (in ObtainInfoMode mode)
void validate_event_qos (in CosNotification::QoSProperties required_qos, out CosNotification::NamedPropertyRangeSeq available_qos) raises (CosNotification::UnsupportedQoS)
 Validate a list of QoS properties for an event. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotification::QoSAdmin
QoSProperties get_qos ()
 Get the current QoS properties. More...
void set_qos (in QoSProperties qos) raises ( UnsupportedQoS )
 Set the QoS properties. More...
void validate_qos (in QoSProperties required_qos, out NamedPropertyRangeSeq available_qos) raises ( UnsupportedQoS )
 Validate a set of QoS properties. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from CosNotifyFilter::FilterAdmin
FilterID add_filter (in Filter new_filter)
 Add a filter. More...
void remove_filter (in FilterID filter) raises ( FilterNotFound )
 Remove a filter. More...
Filter get_filter (in FilterID filter) raises ( FilterNotFound )
 Get a filter. More...
FilterIDSeq get_all_filters ()
 Get the IDs of all the filters. More...
void remove_all_filters ()
 Remove all the filters from this component. More...

Public Attributes

readonly attribute ProxyType MyType
 The style and event format for this proxy. More...
readonly attribute SupplierAdmin MyAdmin
 The SupplierAdmin this proxy belongs to. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the interface shared by all consumer proxies.

Consumer proxies are used by suppliers to provide events into the Notification Service, this interface captures the shared operations in all those proxies.

Member Function Documentation

CosNotification::EventTypeSeq CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer::obtain_subscription_types ( in ObtainInfoMode  mode)

Get the list of event types that this proxy could potentially forward to any consumer connected to the EventChannel

modeDescribe how the subscriptions should be fetched
The list of current subscriptions, if requested in the mode argument
void CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer::validate_event_qos ( in CosNotification::QoSProperties  required_qos,
out CosNotification::NamedPropertyRangeSeq  available_qos 
raises (CosNotification::UnsupportedQoS

Validate a list of QoS properties for an event.

Suppliers can provide events with specific QoS properties, the following operation allows suppliers to verify if a given set of QoS properties would be honored by the proxy.

required_qosThe QoS properties required by the supplier
available_qosIf the QoS properties required are supported this argument returns any other QoS properties that the application may set without breaking the proxy capabilities.
CosNotification::UnsupportedQoSif the QoS properties required cannot be supported. The exception describes the problems and any legal values in detail.

Member Data Documentation

readonly attribute SupplierAdmin CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer::MyAdmin

The SupplierAdmin this proxy belongs to.

readonly attribute ProxyType CosNotifyChannelAdmin::ProxyConsumer::MyType

The style and event format for this proxy.

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