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TAO_ServerRequest Class Reference

Class representing a ServerRequest object. More...

#include <TAO_Server_Request.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_ServerRequest (TAO_GIOP_Message_Base *mesg_base, TAO_InputCDR &input, TAO_OutputCDR &output, TAO_Transport *transport, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 TAO_ServerRequest (TAO_GIOP_Message_Base *mesg_base, CORBA::ULong request_id, CORBA::Boolean response_expected, CORBA::Boolean deferred_flag, TAO::ObjectKey &object_key, const char *operation, TAO_OutputCDR &output, TAO_Transport *transport, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core, int &parse_error)
 TAO_ServerRequest (TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core, TAO_Operation_Details const &details, CORBA::Object_ptr target)
 Constructor used by thru-POA collocated invocation path. More...
 ~TAO_ServerRequest (void)
 Destructor. More...
CORBA::ORB_ptr orb (void)
 Return the underlying ORB. More...
TAO_ORB_Coreorb_core (void) const
 Return the ORB core pointer member. More...
void init_reply (void)
 Start a Reply message. More...
TAO_InputCDRincoming (void) const
 Retrieve the incoming stream. More...
TAO_OutputCDRoutgoing (void) const
 Retrieve the outgoing stream. More...
CORBA::Boolean response_expected (void) const
 Is the response expected? More...
CORBA::Boolean deferred_reply (void) const
 Should the reply be deferred? More...
void response_expected (CORBA::Boolean response)
 Set the response expected flag. More...
CORBA::Boolean sync_with_server (void) const
 Should we return before dispatching the servant? More...
void sync_with_server (CORBA::Boolean sync_flag)
 Set the sync_with_server flag. More...
CORBA::Boolean is_queued (void) const
 Is the request at risk of being queued? More...
void is_queued (CORBA::Boolean qeueued_flag)
 Set the queued flag. More...
void sync_after_dispatch (void)
 Send a sync reply if needed after _dispatch is called. More...
void sync_before_dispatch (void)
void send_no_exception_reply (void)
 Used with reliable oneway requests. More...
TAO::ObjectKeyobject_key (void)
TAO_Service_Contextrequest_service_context (void)
 Return the request TAO_Service_Context. More...
TAO_Service_Contextreply_service_context (void)
 Return the reply TAO_Service_Context. More...
IOP::ServiceContextListreply_service_info (void)
IOP::ServiceContextListrequest_service_info (void)
TAO_Transporttransport ()
 Return the underlying transport. More...
void forward_location (CORBA::Object_ptr forward_reference)
CORBA::Object_ptr forward_location (void)
 Get the forward_location. More...
bool is_forwarded (void) const
GIOP::ReplyStatusType reply_status (void)
 Get the reply status. More...
void reply_status (GIOP::ReplyStatusType except_type)
 Set the reply status. More...
void requesting_principal (const CORBA::OctetSeq &principal)
 Set the requesting principal. More...
TAO_Tagged_Profileprofile (void)
 Return the reference to the tagged profile. More...
void tao_send_reply (void)
void tao_send_reply_exception (const CORBA::Exception &ex)
void is_dsi (void)
 Set the boolean member to true. More...
void dsi_nvlist_align (ptrdiff_t alignment)
 Set the member. More...
TAO_Operation_Details const * operation_details (void) const
 Get the operation details for the current request. More...
void argument_flag (CORBA::Boolean flag)
 Set the argument_flag. More...
CORBA::Boolean argument_flag (void)
 Get the argument_flag. More...
bool collocated (void) const
 Returns true if the current request is collocated. More...
void send_cached_reply (CORBA::OctetSeq &ocs)
size_t & interceptor_count (void)
TAO::PICurrent_Impl * rs_pi_current (void)
 Return a reference to the "request scope" PICurrent object. More...
CORBA::Exceptioncaught_exception (void)
void caught_exception (CORBA::Exception *exception)
void pi_reply_status (PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus s)
 Set the status of the received reply. More...
PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus pi_reply_status (void)
 Get the status of the received reply. More...
CORBA::Policy_ptr clientCompressionEnablingPolicy ()
void clientCompressionEnablingPolicy (CORBA::Policy_ptr)
CORBA::Policy_ptr clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy ()
void clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy (CORBA::Policy_ptr)
Request attributes.
const char * operation (void) const
 Return the operation name. More...
void operation (const char *operation, size_t length, int release)
 Set the operation name. More...
size_t operation_length (void) const
 Return the length of the operation. More...
CORBA::ULong request_id (void)
void request_id (CORBA::ULong req)

Private Member Functions

 TAO_ServerRequest (void)

Private Attributes

const char * operation_
 Operation name. More...
size_t operation_len_
 Operation length. More...
bool release_operation_
 Do we own the memory associated with operation_? More...
CORBA::Object_var forward_location_
bool is_forwarded_
 Incoming stream. More...
 Outgoing stream. More...
CORBA::Boolean response_expected_
CORBA::Boolean deferred_reply_
CORBA::Boolean sync_with_server_
CORBA::Boolean is_queued_
CORBA::Boolean is_dsi_
 Did we get passed to a CORBA::ServerRequest? More...
GIOP::ReplyStatusType reply_status_
 Reply status (will be NO_EXCEPTION in the majority of the cases). More...
TAO_Service_Context request_service_context_
 Service Context info. More...
TAO_Service_Context reply_service_context_
CORBA::ULong request_id_
 Unique identifier for a request. More...
TAO_Tagged_Profile profile_
 The tagged profile that has the addressing information. More...
CORBA::OctetSeq_var requesting_principal_
 Identifies the requester. More...
ptrdiff_t dsi_nvlist_align_
 Used to pad CDR stream if we have used DSI. More...
TAO_Operation_Details const * operation_details_
CORBA::Boolean argument_flag_
size_t interceptor_count_
TAO::PICurrent_Impl * rs_pi_current_
 Pointer to the caught exception. More...
PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus pi_reply_status_
 Reply status for the current request. More...
TAO::Transport_Selection_Guard transport_
CORBA::Policy_var clientCompressionEnablingPolicy_
CORBA::Policy_var clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy_


class TAO::CSD::FW_Server_Request_Wrapper
class TAO_AMH_Response_Handler
 Declare TAO_AMH_Response_Handler a friend. More...

Detailed Description

Class representing a ServerRequest object.

Encapsulates CDR, transport and pluggable messaging components on the server side.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_ServerRequest::TAO_ServerRequest ( TAO_GIOP_Message_Base mesg_base,
TAO_InputCDR input,
TAO_OutputCDR output,
TAO_Transport transport,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core 
TAO_ServerRequest::TAO_ServerRequest ( TAO_GIOP_Message_Base mesg_base,
CORBA::ULong  request_id,
CORBA::Boolean  response_expected,
CORBA::Boolean  deferred_flag,
TAO::ObjectKey object_key,
const char *  operation,
TAO_OutputCDR output,
TAO_Transport transport,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core,
int &  parse_error 
TAO_ServerRequest::TAO_ServerRequest ( TAO_ORB_Core orb_core,
TAO_Operation_Details const &  details,
CORBA::Object_ptr  target 

Constructor used by thru-POA collocated invocation path.

TAO_ServerRequest::~TAO_ServerRequest ( void  )


TAO_ServerRequest::TAO_ServerRequest ( void  )

Default ctor only used to create a TAO_ServerRequest that is about to be the target of a clone operation.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_ServerRequest::argument_flag ( CORBA::Boolean  flag)

Set the argument_flag.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::argument_flag ( void  )

Get the argument_flag.

CORBA::Exception * TAO_ServerRequest::caught_exception ( void  )
void TAO_ServerRequest::caught_exception ( CORBA::Exception exception)
CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressionEnablingPolicy ( )
void TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressionEnablingPolicy ( CORBA::Policy_ptr  policy)
CORBA::Policy_ptr TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy ( )
void TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy ( CORBA::Policy_ptr  policy)
bool TAO_ServerRequest::collocated ( void  ) const

Returns true if the current request is collocated.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::deferred_reply ( void  ) const

Should the reply be deferred?

void TAO_ServerRequest::dsi_nvlist_align ( ptrdiff_t  alignment)

Set the member.

void TAO_ServerRequest::forward_location ( CORBA::Object_ptr  forward_reference)

Set the reference to the object the request should be forwarded to. This reference will only be used if set prior to calling init_reply().

CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_ServerRequest::forward_location ( void  )

Get the forward_location.

TAO_InputCDR * TAO_ServerRequest::incoming ( void  ) const

Retrieve the incoming stream.

void TAO_ServerRequest::init_reply ( void  )

Start a Reply message.

size_t & TAO_ServerRequest::interceptor_count ( void  )

Return a reference to the number of interceptors pushed on to the current interceptor flow stack.

It is a reference since the Portable Interceptor flow stack code must be able to modify this value and use that value at a later time without being forced to use TSS.
void TAO_ServerRequest::is_dsi ( void  )

Set the boolean member to true.

bool TAO_ServerRequest::is_forwarded ( void  ) const

Since forward location is allowed to be nil then this is a proper method to check if the request is being forwarded.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::is_queued ( void  ) const

Is the request at risk of being queued?

void TAO_ServerRequest::is_queued ( CORBA::Boolean  qeueued_flag)

Set the queued flag.

TAO::ObjectKey & TAO_ServerRequest::object_key ( void  )
const char * TAO_ServerRequest::operation ( void  ) const

Return the operation name.

void TAO_ServerRequest::operation ( const char *  operation,
size_t  length,
int  release 

Set the operation name.

TAO_Operation_Details const * TAO_ServerRequest::operation_details ( void  ) const

Get the operation details for the current request.

size_t TAO_ServerRequest::operation_length ( void  ) const

Return the length of the operation.

CORBA::ORB_ptr TAO_ServerRequest::orb ( void  )

Return the underlying ORB.

TAO_ORB_Core * TAO_ServerRequest::orb_core ( void  ) const

Return the ORB core pointer member.

TAO_OutputCDR * TAO_ServerRequest::outgoing ( void  ) const

Retrieve the outgoing stream.

void TAO_ServerRequest::pi_reply_status ( PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus  s)

Set the status of the received reply.

PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus TAO_ServerRequest::pi_reply_status ( void  )

Get the status of the received reply.

TAO_Tagged_Profile & TAO_ServerRequest::profile ( void  )

Return the reference to the tagged profile.

TAO_Service_Context & TAO_ServerRequest::reply_service_context ( void  )

Return the reply TAO_Service_Context.

IOP::ServiceContextList & TAO_ServerRequest::reply_service_info ( void  )
GIOP::ReplyStatusType TAO_ServerRequest::reply_status ( void  )

Get the reply status.

void TAO_ServerRequest::reply_status ( GIOP::ReplyStatusType  except_type)

Set the reply status.

CORBA::ULong TAO_ServerRequest::request_id ( void  )

To handle System Exceptions at the lowest level, a method returning the request_id_ is needed.

void TAO_ServerRequest::request_id ( CORBA::ULong  req)

To handle System Exceptions at the lowest level, a method returning the request_id_ is needed.

TAO_Service_Context & TAO_ServerRequest::request_service_context ( void  )

Return the request TAO_Service_Context.

IOP::ServiceContextList & TAO_ServerRequest::request_service_info ( void  )
void TAO_ServerRequest::requesting_principal ( const CORBA::OctetSeq principal)

Set the requesting principal.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::response_expected ( void  ) const

Is the response expected?

void TAO_ServerRequest::response_expected ( CORBA::Boolean  response)

Set the response expected flag.

TAO::PICurrent_Impl * TAO_ServerRequest::rs_pi_current ( void  )

Return a reference to the "request scope" PICurrent object.

void TAO_ServerRequest::send_cached_reply ( CORBA::OctetSeq ocs)

Send cached reply. Used in scenarios where the FTORB thinks that this request is a duplicate

Append reply here....

void TAO_ServerRequest::send_no_exception_reply ( void  )

Used with reliable oneway requests.

void TAO_ServerRequest::sync_after_dispatch ( void  )

Send a sync reply if needed after _dispatch is called.

void TAO_ServerRequest::sync_before_dispatch ( void  )

Send a sync reply if needed before _dispatch is called to avoid possible queuing first.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::sync_with_server ( void  ) const

Should we return before dispatching the servant?

void TAO_ServerRequest::sync_with_server ( CORBA::Boolean  sync_flag)

Set the sync_with_server flag.

void TAO_ServerRequest::tao_send_reply ( void  )
void TAO_ServerRequest::tao_send_reply_exception ( const CORBA::Exception ex)
TAO_Transport * TAO_ServerRequest::transport ( void  )

Return the underlying transport.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class TAO::CSD::FW_Server_Request_Wrapper

Declare FW_Server_Request_Wrapper a friend This friendship makes the FW_Server_Request_Wrapper be able to clone the TAO_ServerRequest.

friend class TAO_AMH_Response_Handler

Declare TAO_AMH_Response_Handler a friend.

The TAO_AMH_Response_Handler class needs to copy part of the state in a TAO_ServerRequest, however, we do not want to expose that state as public members of this class, neither do we want to add modifiers to the TAO_AMH_Response_Handler class that would allow us (the TAO_ServerRequest class) to set the state.

Lucky for us, C++ is a language for adult developers, and allow us to use the evil "friend" declaration.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::argument_flag_

An argument flag to indicate whether there is any data that is going to get marshaled along as a reply. The default will be true which indicates that we have some data that needs to be sent back to the client.

CORBA::Exception* TAO_ServerRequest::caught_exception_

Pointer to the caught exception.

CORBA::Policy_var TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressionEnablingPolicy_
CORBA::Policy_var TAO_ServerRequest::clientCompressorIdLevelListPolicy_
CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::deferred_reply_

false: Reply would be sent by the object of this class which is the default. true: Reply would not be prepared by this class and it would be deferred for somebody.

ptrdiff_t TAO_ServerRequest::dsi_nvlist_align_

Used to pad CDR stream if we have used DSI.

CORBA::Object_var TAO_ServerRequest::forward_location_
TAO_InputCDR* TAO_ServerRequest::incoming_

Incoming stream.

size_t TAO_ServerRequest::interceptor_count_

The number of interceptors pushed on to the current interceptor flow stack.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::is_dsi_

Did we get passed to a CORBA::ServerRequest?

bool TAO_ServerRequest::is_forwarded_
CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::is_queued_

true: this request is (or may be) queued by the POA false: no POA queuing involved

TAO_GIOP_Message_Base* TAO_ServerRequest::mesg_base_
const char* TAO_ServerRequest::operation_

Operation name.

TAO_Operation_Details const* TAO_ServerRequest::operation_details_
size_t TAO_ServerRequest::operation_len_

Operation length.

TAO_ORB_Core* TAO_ServerRequest::orb_core_

A pointer to the ORB Core for the context where the request was created.

TAO_OutputCDR* TAO_ServerRequest::outgoing_

Outgoing stream.

PortableInterceptor::ReplyStatus TAO_ServerRequest::pi_reply_status_

Reply status for the current request.

TAO_Tagged_Profile TAO_ServerRequest::profile_

The tagged profile that has the addressing information.

bool TAO_ServerRequest::release_operation_

Do we own the memory associated with operation_?

TAO_Service_Context TAO_ServerRequest::reply_service_context_
GIOP::ReplyStatusType TAO_ServerRequest::reply_status_

Reply status (will be NO_EXCEPTION in the majority of the cases).

CORBA::ULong TAO_ServerRequest::request_id_

Unique identifier for a request.

TAO_Service_Context TAO_ServerRequest::request_service_context_

Service Context info.

CORBA::OctetSeq_var TAO_ServerRequest::requesting_principal_

Identifies the requester.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::response_expected_

false: oneway (SYNC_NONE or SYNC_WITH_TRANSPORT) true: twoway, or oneway (SYNC_WITH_SERVER or SYNC_WITH_TARGET)

TAO::PICurrent_Impl* TAO_ServerRequest::rs_pi_current_

The "Request Scope Current" (RSC) object, as required by Portable Interceptors.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_ServerRequest::sync_with_server_

true: oneway (SYNC_WITH_SERVER) false: anything else

TAO::Transport_Selection_Guard TAO_ServerRequest::transport_

Transport class. An RAII (resource acquisition is initialization) class instance for interfacing with TSS storage for the "current" transport.

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