TAO  2.2.8
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TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources Class Reference

The TSS resoures of an ORB core. More...

#include <ORB_Core_TSS_Resources.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources (void)
 Constructor. More...
 ~TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources (void)
 destructor More...
void fini (void)
 Cleans TSS resources. More...

Public Attributes

int event_loop_thread_
int client_leader_thread_
void * lane_
 Lane for this thread. More...
ACE_Array_Base< void * > ts_objects_
 Generic container for thread-specific objects. More...
bool upcalls_temporarily_suspended_on_this_thread_

Private Member Functions

 TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources (const TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources &)
 The ORB Core TSS resources should not be copied. More...
void operator= (const TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources &)

Detailed Description

The TSS resoures of an ORB core.

This class is used by the ORB_Core to store the resources potentially bound to a thread in TSS storage. The members are public because only the ORB Core is expected to access them.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources ( void  )


TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::~TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources ( void  )


TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources ( const TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources )

The ORB Core TSS resources should not be copied.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::fini ( void  )

Cleans TSS resources.

void TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::operator= ( const TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources )

Member Data Documentation

int TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::client_leader_thread_

Counter for how many times this thread has become a client leader.

int TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::event_loop_thread_
The rest of the resources are not currently in use, just a plan for the future...

Counter for how (nested) calls this thread has made to run the event loop.

void* TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::lane_

Lane for this thread.

TAO_ORB_Core* TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::orb_core_

Pointer to the ORB core. Needed to get access to the TSS cleanup functions for the TSS objects stored in the TSS object array in this class.

ACE_Array_Base<void *> TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::ts_objects_

Generic container for thread-specific objects.

bool TAO_ORB_Core_TSS_Resources::upcalls_temporarily_suspended_on_this_thread_

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