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TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_11 Class Reference

Implementation for GIOP v1.1. More...

#include <GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_11.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual CORBA::Octet minor_version (void) const
 Our minor version. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_10
virtual bool write_request_header (const TAO_Operation_Details &opdetails, TAO_Target_Specification &spec, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
 Write the request header in to msg. More...
virtual bool write_locate_request_header (CORBA::ULong request_id, TAO_Target_Specification &spec, TAO_OutputCDR &msg)
 Write the LocateRequest header. More...
virtual bool write_reply_header (TAO_OutputCDR &output, TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params_Base &reply)
 Write the reply header in to output. More...
virtual bool write_locate_reply_mesg (TAO_OutputCDR &output, CORBA::ULong request_id, TAO_GIOP_Locate_Status_Msg &status)
 Writes the locate _reply message in to the output. More...
virtual bool write_fragment_header (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr, CORBA::ULong request_id)
virtual int parse_request_header (TAO_ServerRequest &)
virtual int parse_locate_header (TAO_GIOP_Locate_Request_Header &)
virtual int parse_reply (TAO_InputCDR &input, TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params &params)
 Parse the reply message from the server. More...
virtual int parse_locate_reply (TAO_InputCDR &input, TAO_Pluggable_Reply_Params &params)
 Parse the reply message from the server. More...
virtual CORBA::Octet major_version (void) const
 Our versions. More...
virtual size_t fragment_header_length (void) const
 The header length of a fragment. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser
virtual ~TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser (void)
virtual bool is_ready_for_bidirectional (void) const

Detailed Description

Implementation for GIOP v1.1.

This just derives from v1.0 class. It uses most of the methods in the 1.0 class.

Member Function Documentation

CORBA::Octet TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_11::minor_version ( void  ) const

Our minor version.

Reimplemented from TAO_GIOP_Message_Generator_Parser_10.

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