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TAO_UIPMC_Profile Class Reference

This class defines the protocol specific attributes required for locating ORBs over a TCP/IP network. More...

#include <UIPMC_Profile.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual char object_key_delimiter (void) const
 TAO_UIPMC_Profile (TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 TAO_UIPMC_Profile (const ACE_INET_Addr &addr, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 TAO_UIPMC_Profile (const CORBA::Octet class_d_address[4], CORBA::UShort port, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 Profile constructor. @ Vadym - deprecate this. More...
 ~TAO_UIPMC_Profile (void)
 Destructor is to be called only through _decr_refcnt. More...
virtual int decode (TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
 Template methods. Please see tao/Profile.h for documentation. More...
virtual void parse_string (const char *string)
virtual char * to_string (void) const
virtual int encode_endpoints (void)
virtual void encodeAddressInfo (TAO_OutputCDR &stream) const
virtual TAO_Endpointendpoint (void)
virtual CORBA::ULong endpoint_count (void) const
virtual CORBA::ULong hash (CORBA::ULong max)
virtual IOP::TaggedProfile & create_tagged_profile (void)
virtual void request_target_specifier (TAO_Target_Specification &target_spec, TAO_Target_Specification::TAO_Target_Address r)
virtual int supports_multicast (void) const
virtual void addressing_mode (CORBA::Short addr_mode)
void set_group_info (GIOP::Version const &component_version, const char *domain_id, PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId group_id, bool has_ref_version, PortableGroup::ObjectGroupRefVersion ref_version)
 Add the mandatory group component to this profile. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_Profile
virtual int encode_alternate_endpoints (void)
virtual TAO_Endpointbase_endpoint (void)
virtual void remove_generic_endpoint (TAO_Endpoint *ep)
virtual void add_generic_endpoint (TAO_Endpoint *ep)

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * prefix (void)
 Return the char string prefix. More...
static int extract_group_component (const IOP::TaggedProfile &profile, PortableGroup::TagGroupTaggedComponent &group)

Static Public Attributes

static const char object_key_delimiter_ = '/'
 The object key delimiter that UIPMC uses or expects. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual int decode_profile (TAO_InputCDR &cdr)
 Template methods, please see documentation in tao/Profile.h. More...
virtual int decode_endpoints (void)
virtual void parse_string_i (const char *)
virtual void create_profile_body (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr) const
virtual CORBA::Boolean do_is_equivalent (const TAO_Profile *other_profile)
virtual void update_cached_group_component (void)

Protected Attributes

TAO_UIPMC_Endpoint endpoint_

Private Attributes

IOP::TaggedProfile tagged_profile_
 Cached version of our tagged profile. More...
GIOP::Version component_version_
 Group component version. More...
ACE_CString group_domain_id_
 Group Domain ID. More...
PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId group_id_
 Our group ID within the group domain. More...
PortableGroup::ObjectGroupRefVersion ref_version_
 The group reference's version. More...
bool has_ref_version_
 A sign whether ref_version is really present. More...

Detailed Description

This class defines the protocol specific attributes required for locating ORBs over a TCP/IP network.

This class defines the UIPMC profile as specified in the CORBA specification.

This class inherits the ObjectKey from TAO_Profile which may not be needed at all! But lets punt on this for the timebeing.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_UIPMC_Profile::TAO_UIPMC_Profile ( TAO_ORB_Core orb_core)

Profile constructor, default. Used when the profile contents are not yet known or when it is being decoded from an IOR.

TAO_UIPMC_Profile::TAO_UIPMC_Profile ( const ACE_INET_Addr addr,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core 

Profile constructor, same as above except the object_key has already been marshaled.

TAO_UIPMC_Profile::TAO_UIPMC_Profile ( const CORBA::Octet  class_d_address[4],
CORBA::UShort  port,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core 

Profile constructor. @ Vadym - deprecate this.

TAO_UIPMC_Profile::~TAO_UIPMC_Profile ( void  )

Destructor is to be called only through _decr_refcnt.

Member Function Documentation

void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::addressing_mode ( CORBA::Short  addr_mode)
void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::create_profile_body ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr) const

Implements TAO_Profile.

IOP::TaggedProfile & TAO_UIPMC_Profile::create_tagged_profile ( void  )
int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::decode ( TAO_InputCDR cdr)

Template methods. Please see tao/Profile.h for documentation.

N.B. We have to override the TAO_Profile default decode because in UIPMC there is no object key marshalled and we do not implement a useable decode_endpoints

int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::decode_endpoints ( void  )

Implements TAO_Profile.

int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::decode_profile ( TAO_InputCDR cdr)

Template methods, please see documentation in tao/Profile.h.

Implements TAO_Profile.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_UIPMC_Profile::do_is_equivalent ( const TAO_Profile other_profile)

Implements TAO_Profile.

int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::encode_endpoints ( void  )

Implements TAO_Profile.

void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::encodeAddressInfo ( TAO_OutputCDR stream) const
TAO_Endpoint * TAO_UIPMC_Profile::endpoint ( void  )

Implements TAO_Profile.

CORBA::ULong TAO_UIPMC_Profile::endpoint_count ( void  ) const

Implements TAO_Profile.

int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::extract_group_component ( const IOP::TaggedProfile &  profile,
PortableGroup::TagGroupTaggedComponent &  group 
CORBA::ULong TAO_UIPMC_Profile::hash ( CORBA::ULong  max)

Implements TAO_Profile.

char TAO_UIPMC_Profile::object_key_delimiter ( void  ) const

Implements TAO_Profile.

void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::parse_string ( const char *  string)
void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::parse_string_i ( const char *  string)

Implements TAO_Profile.

const char * TAO_UIPMC_Profile::prefix ( void  )

Return the char string prefix.

void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::request_target_specifier ( TAO_Target_Specification target_spec,
TAO_Target_Specification::TAO_Target_Address  r 
void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::set_group_info ( GIOP::Version const &  component_version,
const char *  domain_id,
PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId  group_id,
bool  has_ref_version,
PortableGroup::ObjectGroupRefVersion  ref_version 

Add the mandatory group component to this profile.

int TAO_UIPMC_Profile::supports_multicast ( void  ) const
char * TAO_UIPMC_Profile::to_string ( void  ) const

Implements TAO_Profile.

void TAO_UIPMC_Profile::update_cached_group_component ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

GIOP::Version TAO_UIPMC_Profile::component_version_

Group component version.

TAO_UIPMC_Endpoint TAO_UIPMC_Profile::endpoint_

Head of this profile's list of endpoints. This endpoint is not dynamically allocated because a profile always contains at least one endpoint.

Currently, a profile contains more than one endpoint, i.e., list contains more than just the head, only when RTCORBA is enabled. However, in the near future, this will be used in nonRT mode as well, e.g., to support TAG_ALTERNATE_IIOP_ADDRESS feature. Addressing info of the default endpoint, i.e., head of the list, is transmitted using standard UIPMC ProfileBody components. See encode_endpoints() method documentation above for how the rest of the endpoint list is transmitted.

ACE_CString TAO_UIPMC_Profile::group_domain_id_

Group Domain ID.

PortableGroup::ObjectGroupId TAO_UIPMC_Profile::group_id_

Our group ID within the group domain.

bool TAO_UIPMC_Profile::has_ref_version_

A sign whether ref_version is really present.

const char TAO_UIPMC_Profile::object_key_delimiter_ = '/'

The object key delimiter that UIPMC uses or expects.

PortableGroup::ObjectGroupRefVersion TAO_UIPMC_Profile::ref_version_

The group reference's version.

IOP::TaggedProfile TAO_UIPMC_Profile::tagged_profile_

Cached version of our tagged profile.

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