TAO_PI  2.2.4
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PolicyFactory.pidl File Reference

Pre-compiled IDL source for the PolicyFactory. More...

#include "tao/Policy.pidl"


module PortableInterceptor
local interface PolicyFactory

Detailed Description

Pre-compiled IDL source for the PolicyFactory.

PolicyFactory.pidl 76257 2007-01-02 10:02:38Z johnnyw

tao_idl -o orig -Gp -Gd -GA -SS -Sci -Wb,export_include="tao/TAO_Export.h" -Wb,export_macro=TAO_Export -Wb,pre_include="ace/pre.h" -Wb,post_include="ace/post.h" PolicyFactory.pidl

Variable Documentation

local interface PolicyFactory
Initial value:
CORBA::Policy create_policy (in CORBA::PolicyType type, in any value)
raises (CORBA::PolicyError)
CORBA::ULong PolicyType
local interface in CORBA::PolicyList policies raises(DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)
module PortableInterceptor
Initial value:
typeprefix PortableInterceptor "omg.org"
module PortableInterceptor
Definition: PolicyFactory.pidl:25