TAO  2.2.3
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IIOP_Endpoints.pidl File Reference


typedef sequence
< IIOP_Endpoint_Info > 
 Stores information for a collection of IIOP endpoints. More...


module TAO

Typedef Documentation

typedef sequence<IIOP_Endpoint_Info> IIOPEndpointSequence

Stores information for a collection of IIOP endpoints.

Variable Documentation

module TAO
Initial value:
struct IIOP_Endpoint_Info
string host;
short _port;
short priority;

This file contains idl definition for data structures used to encapsulate data in TAO_TAG_ENDPOINTS tagged component. This TAO-specific component is used for transmission of multiple endpoints per single profile. Data structures defined here are used for transmission of IIOP endpoints. See IIOP_Profile.* for more details.