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TAO_Lifespan_Strategy Class Referenceabstract

Lifespan strategy. More...

#include <Active_Object_Map.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TAO_Lifespan_Strategy (void)
 Virtual destructor. More...
virtual int find_servant_using_system_id_and_user_id (const PortableServer::ObjectId &system_id, const PortableServer::ObjectId &user_id, PortableServer::Servant &servant, TAO_Active_Object_Map_Entry *&entry)=0
 Can be used with any policy. More...
void set_active_object_map (TAO_Active_Object_Map *active_object_map)
 Set the active map. More...

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to the active map. More...

Detailed Description

Lifespan strategy.

Strategy for implementing points of variation between the TRANSIENT and the PERSISTENT policies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Lifespan_Strategy::~TAO_Lifespan_Strategy ( void  )

Virtual destructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int TAO_Lifespan_Strategy::find_servant_using_system_id_and_user_id ( const PortableServer::ObjectId system_id,
const PortableServer::ObjectId user_id,
PortableServer::Servant servant,
TAO_Active_Object_Map_Entry *&  entry 
pure virtual

Can be used with any policy.

Implemented in TAO_Persistent_Strategy, and TAO_Transient_Strategy.

void TAO_Lifespan_Strategy::set_active_object_map ( TAO_Active_Object_Map active_object_map)

Set the active map.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_Active_Object_Map* TAO_Lifespan_Strategy::active_object_map_

Pointer to the active map.

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