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TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl Class Reference

Implementation of the PortableServer::Current object. More...

#include <POA_Current_Impl.h>

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Public Member Functions

PortableServer::POA_ptr get_POA (void)
PortableServer::ObjectIdget_object_id (void)
PortableServer::Servant get_servant (void)
CORBA::Object_ptr get_reference (void)
void poa (::TAO_Root_POA *)
 Set the POA implementation. More...
::TAO_Root_POApoa (void) const
 Get the POA implemantation. More...
TAO_ORB_Coreorb_core (void) const
 ORB Core for this current. More...
void object_id (const PortableServer::ObjectId &id)
 Set the object ID. More...
const PortableServer::ObjectIdobject_id (void) const
 Get the object ID. More...
void replace_object_id (const PortableServer::ObjectId &system_id)
 Just replace the object id smartly. More...
void object_key (const TAO::ObjectKey &key)
 Set the object key. More...
const TAO::ObjectKeyobject_key (void) const
 Get the object key. More...
void servant (PortableServer::Servant servant)
 Set the servant for the current upcall. More...
PortableServer::Servant servant (void) const
 Get the servant for the current upcall. More...
void priority (CORBA::Short priority)
 Set the priority for the current upcall. More...
CORBA::Short priority (void) const
 Get the priority for the current upcall. More...
 POA_Current_Impl (void)
 Convenience constructor combining construction & initialization. More...
POA_Current_Implprevious (void) const
 Return the previous current implementation. More...
void teardown (void)
 Teardown the current for this request. More...
void setup (::TAO_Root_POA *impl, const TAO::ObjectKey &key)
 Setup the current. More...

Protected Attributes

 The POA implementation invoking an upcall. More...
CORBA::Octet object_id_buf_ [TAO_POA_OBJECT_ID_BUF_SIZE]
PortableServer::ObjectId object_id_
const TAO::ObjectKeyobject_key_
 The object key of the current context. More...
PortableServer::Servant servant_
 The servant for the current upcall. More...
CORBA::Short priority_
 The priority for the current upcall. More...
 Current previous from <this>. More...
bool setup_done_
 Is setup complete? More...
 Pointer to tss resources. More...

Private Member Functions

 POA_Current_Impl (const POA_Current_Impl &)
void operator= (const POA_Current_Impl &)


class ::TAO_Root_POA

Detailed Description

Implementation of the PortableServer::Current object.

Objects of this class hold state information regarding the current POA invocation. Savvy readers will notice that this contains substantially more methods than the POA spec shows; they exist because the ORB either (a) needs them or (b) finds them useful for implementing a more efficient ORB. The intent is that instances of this class are held in Thread-Specific Storage so that upcalls can get context information regarding their invocation. The POA itself must insure that all <set_*> operations are performed in the execution thread so that the proper <TAO_POA_Current> pointer is obtained from TSS.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::POA_Current_Impl ( void  )

Convenience constructor combining construction & initialization.

TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::POA_Current_Impl ( const POA_Current_Impl )

Member Function Documentation

PortableServer::ObjectId * TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::get_object_id ( void  )

Return pointer to the object id through which this was invoked. This may be necessary in cases where a <Servant> is serving under the guise of multiple object ids.

PortableServer::POA_ptr TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::get_POA ( void  )

Return pointer to the invoking POA. Raises the CORBA::NoContext exception.

CORBA::Object_ptr TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::get_reference ( void  )

This operation returns a locally manufactured reference to the object in the context of which it is called.

PortableServer::Servant TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::get_servant ( void  )

Returns a reference to the servant that hosts the object in whose context it is called.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_id ( const PortableServer::ObjectId id)

Set the object ID.

const PortableServer::ObjectId & TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_id ( void  ) const

Get the object ID.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_key ( const TAO::ObjectKey key)

Set the object key.

const TAO::ObjectKey & TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_key ( void  ) const

Get the object key.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::operator= ( const POA_Current_Impl )
TAO_ORB_Core & TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::orb_core ( void  ) const

ORB Core for this current.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::poa ( ::TAO_Root_POA p)

Set the POA implementation.

TAO_Root_POA * TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::poa ( void  ) const

Get the POA implemantation.

POA_Current_Impl * TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::previous ( void  ) const

Return the previous current implementation.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::priority ( CORBA::Short  priority)

Set the priority for the current upcall.

CORBA::Short TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::priority ( void  ) const

Get the priority for the current upcall.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::replace_object_id ( const PortableServer::ObjectId system_id)

Just replace the object id smartly.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::servant ( PortableServer::Servant  servant)

Set the servant for the current upcall.

PortableServer::Servant TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::servant ( void  ) const

Get the servant for the current upcall.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::setup ( ::TAO_Root_POA impl,
const TAO::ObjectKey key 

Setup the current.

void TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::teardown ( void  )

Teardown the current for this request.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ::TAO_Root_POA

Member Data Documentation

PortableServer::ObjectId TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_id_

The object ID of the current context. This is the user id and not the id the goes into the IOR. Note also that unlike the object_key, this field is stored by value.

CORBA::Octet TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_id_buf_[TAO_POA_OBJECT_ID_BUF_SIZE]

In order to avoid memory allocations, we will populate the object id with this buffer.

const TAO::ObjectKey* TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::object_key_

The object key of the current context.

::TAO_Root_POA* TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::poa_

The POA implementation invoking an upcall.

POA_Current_Impl* TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::previous_current_impl_

Current previous from <this>.

CORBA::Short TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::priority_

The priority for the current upcall.

PortableServer::Servant TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::servant_

The servant for the current upcall.

bool TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::setup_done_

Is setup complete?

TAO_TSS_Resources* TAO::Portable_Server::POA_Current_Impl::tss_resources_

Pointer to tss resources.

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