TAO_PortableServer  2.2.2
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TAO::Portable_Server::IdAssignmentStrategySystem Class Reference

#include <IdAssignmentStrategySystem.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual char id_assignment_key_type (void) const
virtual bool has_system_id (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::Portable_Server::IdAssignmentStrategy
virtual void strategy_init (TAO_Root_POA *poa)
virtual void strategy_cleanup (void)
char key_type_length (void) const
void create_key (CORBA::Octet *buffer, CORBA::ULong &starting_at)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::Portable_Server::Policy_Strategy
virtual ~Policy_Strategy (void)

Member Function Documentation

bool TAO::Portable_Server::IdAssignmentStrategySystem::has_system_id ( void  ) const
char TAO::Portable_Server::IdAssignmentStrategySystem::id_assignment_key_type ( void  ) const

Returns the key type the says which specific policy we have

Implements TAO::Portable_Server::IdAssignmentStrategy.

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