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ImR_Locator.cpp File Reference
#include "orbsvcs/Log_Macros.h"
#include "ImR_Locator_i.h"
#include "Locator_NT_Service.h"
#include "Locator_Options.h"
#include "orbsvcs/Shutdown_Utilities.h"


class  ImR_Locator_Shutdown


int run_standalone (Options &opts)
int run_service (void)
static int run_service_command (Options &opts)
int ACE_TMAIN (int argc, ACE_TCHAR *argv[])

Function Documentation

int ACE_TMAIN ( int  argc,
ACE_TCHAR argv[] 
int run_service ( void  )
static int run_service_command ( Options opts)

Executes the various commands that are useful for a NT service. Right now these include 'install' and 'remove'. Others, such as 'start' and 'stop' can be added, but the 'net' program in Windows already handles these commands.

int run_standalone ( Options opts)