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No_Backing_Store Class Reference

#include <Locator_Repository.h>

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Public Member Functions

 No_Backing_Store (const Options &opts, CORBA::ORB_ptr orb)
virtual ~No_Backing_Store ()
virtual const ACE_TCHARrepo_mode () const
 indicate the persistence mode for the repository More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Locator_Repository
 Locator_Repository (const Options &opts, CORBA::ORB_ptr orb)
virtual ~Locator_Repository ()
int unregister_if_address_reused (const ACE_CString &server_id, const ACE_CString &name, const char *partial_ior, ImR_Locator_i *imr_locator)
int add_server (const ACE_CString &server_id, const ACE_CString &name, bool jacorbs, const ACE_CString &aname, const ACE_CString &startup_command, const ImplementationRepository::EnvironmentList &environment_vars, const ACE_CString &working_dir, ImplementationRepository::ActivationMode activation, int start_limit, const ACE_CString &partial_ior=ACE_CString(""), const ACE_CString &ior=ACE_CString(""), ImplementationRepository::ServerObject_ptr svrobj=ImplementationRepository::ServerObject::_nil())
 Add a new server to the Repository. More...
int add_activator (const ACE_CString &name, const CORBA::Long token, const ACE_CString &ior=ACE_CString(""), ImplementationRepository::Activator_ptr act=ImplementationRepository::Activator::_nil())
 Add a new activator to the Repository. More...
int update_server (const Server_Info_Ptr &info)
 Update the associated information. More...
int update_activator (const Activator_Info_Ptr &info)
 Update the associated information. More...
Server_Info_Ptr get_server (const ACE_CString &name)
 Returns information related to startup. More...
Activator_Info_Ptr get_activator (const ACE_CString &name)
 Returns information related to startup. More...
bool has_activator (const ACE_CString &name)
int remove_server (const ACE_CString &name)
 Removes the server from the Repository. More...
int remove_activator (const ACE_CString &name)
 Removes the activator from the Repository. More...
SIMapservers (void)
 Returns the internal hash map containing the server information. More...
const SIMapservers (void) const
AIMapactivators (void)
 Returns the internal hash map containing the activator information. More...
const AIMapactivators (void) const
int init (PortableServer::POA_ptr root_poa, PortableServer::POA_ptr imr_poa, const char *this_ior)
 Initialize the repo. More...
bool multicast () const
 Indicate if multicast should be used. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual int init_repo (PortableServer::POA_ptr imr_poa)
 perform repo mode specific initialization (no-op) More...
virtual int persistent_update (const Server_Info_Ptr &info, bool add)
 perform server persistent update (no-op) More...
virtual int persistent_update (const Activator_Info_Ptr &info, bool add)
 perform activator persistent update (no-op) More...
virtual int persistent_remove (const ACE_CString &name, bool activator)
 perform persistent remove (no-op) More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Locator_Repository
typedef ACE_CString ServerKey
< ServerKey, Server_Info_Ptr,
ACE_Hash< ServerKey >
, ACE_Equal_To< ServerKey >
, ACE_Null_Mutex
typedef ACE_CString ActivatorKey
< ActivatorKey,
Activator_Info_Ptr, ACE_Hash
< ActivatorKey >, ACE_Equal_To
< ActivatorKey >
, ACE_Null_Mutex
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Locator_Repository
static ACE_CString lcase (const ACE_CString &s)
 convert to lower case More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Locator_Repository
virtual int sync_load ()
virtual int report_ior (PortableServer::POA_ptr imr_poa)
 report the ImR Locator's IOR More...
virtual int recover_ior (void)
 recover the ImR Locator's IOR from the persisted file More...
int setup_multicast (ACE_Reactor *reactor, const char *imr_ior)
void teardown_multicast ()
bool registered () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from Locator_Repository
const Optionsopts_
TAO_IOR_Multicast ior_multicast_
const CORBA::ORB_var orb_
CORBA::String_var imr_ior_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

No_Backing_Store::No_Backing_Store ( const Options opts,
CORBA::ORB_ptr  orb 
No_Backing_Store::~No_Backing_Store ( )

Member Function Documentation

int No_Backing_Store::init_repo ( PortableServer::POA_ptr  imr_poa)

perform repo mode specific initialization (no-op)

Implements Locator_Repository.

int No_Backing_Store::persistent_remove ( const ACE_CString name,
bool  activator 

perform persistent remove (no-op)

Implements Locator_Repository.

int No_Backing_Store::persistent_update ( const Server_Info_Ptr info,
bool  add 

perform server persistent update (no-op)

Implements Locator_Repository.

int No_Backing_Store::persistent_update ( const Activator_Info_Ptr info,
bool  add 

perform activator persistent update (no-op)

Implements Locator_Repository.

const ACE_TCHAR * No_Backing_Store::repo_mode ( ) const

indicate the persistence mode for the repository

Implements Locator_Repository.

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