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ifr_removing_visitor Class Reference

ifr_removing_visitor. More...

#include <ifr_removing_visitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ifr_removing_visitor (void)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ifr_removing_visitor (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual int visit_scope (UTL_Scope *node)
 Visit the scope. More...
virtual int visit_root (AST_Root *node)
 Visit the root. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ifr_visitor
virtual ~ifr_visitor (void)
virtual int visit_decl (AST_Decl *d)
virtual int visit_type (AST_Type *node)
virtual int visit_predefined_type (AST_PredefinedType *node)
virtual int visit_module (AST_Module *node)
virtual int visit_interface (AST_Interface *node)
virtual int visit_interface_fwd (AST_InterfaceFwd *node)
virtual int visit_valuebox (AST_ValueBox *node)
virtual int visit_valuetype (AST_ValueType *node)
virtual int visit_valuetype_fwd (AST_ValueTypeFwd *node)
virtual int visit_component (AST_Component *node)
virtual int visit_component_fwd (AST_ComponentFwd *node)
virtual int visit_template_module (AST_Template_Module *node)
virtual int visit_template_module_inst (AST_Template_Module_Inst *node)
virtual int visit_template_module_ref (AST_Template_Module_Ref *node)
virtual int visit_porttype (AST_PortType *node)
virtual int visit_provides (AST_Provides *node)
virtual int visit_uses (AST_Uses *node)
virtual int visit_publishes (AST_Publishes *node)
virtual int visit_emits (AST_Emits *node)
virtual int visit_consumes (AST_Consumes *node)
virtual int visit_extended_port (AST_Extended_Port *node)
virtual int visit_mirror_port (AST_Mirror_Port *node)
virtual int visit_connector (AST_Connector *node)
virtual int visit_eventtype (AST_EventType *node)
virtual int visit_eventtype_fwd (AST_EventTypeFwd *node)
virtual int visit_home (AST_Home *node)
virtual int visit_factory (AST_Factory *node)
virtual int visit_finder (AST_Finder *node)
virtual int visit_structure (AST_Structure *node)
virtual int visit_structure_fwd (AST_StructureFwd *node)
virtual int visit_exception (AST_Exception *node)
virtual int visit_expression (AST_Expression *node)
virtual int visit_enum (AST_Enum *node)
virtual int visit_operation (AST_Operation *node)
virtual int visit_field (AST_Field *node)
virtual int visit_argument (AST_Argument *node)
virtual int visit_attribute (AST_Attribute *node)
virtual int visit_union (AST_Union *node)
virtual int visit_union_fwd (AST_UnionFwd *node)
virtual int visit_union_branch (AST_UnionBranch *node)
virtual int visit_union_label (AST_UnionLabel *node)
virtual int visit_constant (AST_Constant *node)
virtual int visit_enum_val (AST_EnumVal *node)
virtual int visit_array (AST_Array *node)
virtual int visit_sequence (AST_Sequence *node)
virtual int visit_string (AST_String *node)
virtual int visit_typedef (AST_Typedef *node)
virtual int visit_native (AST_Native *node)
virtual int visit_param_holder (AST_Param_Holder *node)
ACE_Locklock (void) const
 Accessor for our lock. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ifr_visitor
 ifr_visitor (void)

Detailed Description


This visitor removes items found in the IDL file being processed from the Interface Repository.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ifr_removing_visitor::ifr_removing_visitor ( void  )


ifr_removing_visitor::~ifr_removing_visitor ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

int ifr_removing_visitor::visit_root ( AST_Root *  node)

Visit the root.

Reimplemented from ifr_visitor.

int ifr_removing_visitor::visit_scope ( UTL_Scope *  node)

Visit the scope.

Reimplemented from ifr_visitor.

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