TAO_DynamicInterface  2.2.0
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TAO_DynamicImplementation Class Referenceabstract

Base class for DSI. More...

#include <Dynamic_Implementation.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void invoke (CORBA::ServerRequest_ptr request)=0
virtual CORBA::RepositoryId _primary_interface (const PortableServer::ObjectId &oid, PortableServer::POA_ptr poa)=0
virtual CORBA::Boolean _is_a (const char *logical_type_id)
 Local implementation of the CORBA::Object::_is_a method. More...
CORBA::Object_ptr _this (void)
 Returns a CORBA::Object_ptr for the target object. More...
virtual CORBA::InterfaceDef_ptr _get_interface (void)
 Query the Interface Repository for the interface definition. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual const char * _interface_repository_id (void) const
 Return 0. Should never be used. More...
virtual void * _downcast (const char *repository_id)
 Simply returns "this". More...
virtual TAO_Stub_create_stub (void)
 This is an auxiliary method for _this() and _narrow(). More...
virtual void _dispatch (TAO_ServerRequest &request, TAO::Portable_Server::Servant_Upcall *context)
 Turns around and calls invoke. More...

Private Member Functions

CORBA::RepositoryId get_id_from_primary_interface (void)
 Encapsulates code common to _is_a(), _get_interface() and _create_stub(). More...

Detailed Description

Base class for DSI.

It is expected that the <invoke> and <_primary_interface> methods will be only invoked by the POA in the context of serving a CORBA request. Invoking this method in other circumstances may lead to unpredictable results.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_Stub * TAO_DynamicImplementation::_create_stub ( void  )

This is an auxiliary method for _this() and _narrow().

void TAO_DynamicImplementation::_dispatch ( TAO_ServerRequest request,
TAO::Portable_Server::Servant_Upcall *  context 

Turns around and calls invoke.

void * TAO_DynamicImplementation::_downcast ( const char *  repository_id)

Simply returns "this".

CORBA::InterfaceDef_ptr TAO_DynamicImplementation::_get_interface ( void  )

Query the Interface Repository for the interface definition.

const char * TAO_DynamicImplementation::_interface_repository_id ( void  ) const

Return 0. Should never be used.

CORBA::Boolean TAO_DynamicImplementation::_is_a ( const char *  logical_type_id)

Local implementation of the CORBA::Object::_is_a method.

virtual CORBA::RepositoryId TAO_DynamicImplementation::_primary_interface ( const PortableServer::ObjectId oid,
PortableServer::POA_ptr  poa 
pure virtual

The _primary_interface() method receives an ObjectId value and a POA_ptr as input parameters and returns a valid RepositoryId representing the most-derived interface for that oid.

CORBA::Object_ptr TAO_DynamicImplementation::_this ( void  )

Returns a CORBA::Object_ptr for the target object.

CORBA::RepositoryId TAO_DynamicImplementation::get_id_from_primary_interface ( void  )

Encapsulates code common to _is_a(), _get_interface() and _create_stub().

virtual void TAO_DynamicImplementation::invoke ( CORBA::ServerRequest_ptr  request)
pure virtual

The invoke() method receives requests issued to any CORBA object incarnated by the DSI servant and performs the processing necessary to execute the request.

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