TAO_DynamicAny  2.2.0
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TAO_DynUnion_i Class Reference

#include <DynUnion_i.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_DynUnion_i (CORBA::Boolean allow_truncation=true)
 Constructor. More...
 ~TAO_DynUnion_i (void)
 Destructor. More...
void init (const CORBA::Any &any)
 Constructor taking an Any argument. More...
void init (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc)
 Constructor taking a typecode argument. More...
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr get_discriminator (void)
virtual void set_discriminator (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr d)
virtual void set_to_default_member (void)
virtual void set_to_no_active_member (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean has_no_active_member (void)
virtual CORBA::TCKind discriminator_kind (void)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr member (void)
virtual char * member_name (void)
virtual CORBA::TCKind member_kind (void)
virtual void from_any (const CORBA::Any &value)
virtual CORBA::Any * to_any (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean equal (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr dyn_any)
virtual void destroy (void)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr current_component (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_DynCommon
 TAO_DynCommon (CORBA::Boolean allow_truncation)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TAO_DynCommon (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual CORBA::TypeCode_ptr type (void)
virtual void assign (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr dyn_any)
virtual void insert_boolean (CORBA::Boolean value)
virtual void insert_octet (CORBA::Octet value)
virtual void insert_char (CORBA::Char value)
virtual void insert_short (CORBA::Short value)
virtual void insert_ushort (CORBA::UShort value)
virtual void insert_long (CORBA::Long value)
virtual void insert_ulong (CORBA::ULong value)
virtual void insert_float (CORBA::Float value)
virtual void insert_double (CORBA::Double value)
virtual void insert_string (const char *value)
virtual void insert_reference (CORBA::Object_ptr value)
virtual void insert_typecode (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr value)
virtual void insert_longlong (CORBA::LongLong value)
virtual void insert_ulonglong (CORBA::ULongLong value)
virtual void insert_longdouble (CORBA::LongDouble value)
virtual void insert_wchar (CORBA::WChar value)
virtual void insert_wstring (const CORBA::WChar *value)
virtual void insert_any (const CORBA::Any &value)
virtual void insert_dyn_any (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr value)
virtual void insert_val (CORBA::ValueBase *value)
virtual CORBA::Boolean get_boolean (void)
virtual CORBA::Octet get_octet (void)
virtual CORBA::Char get_char (void)
virtual CORBA::Short get_short (void)
virtual CORBA::UShort get_ushort (void)
virtual CORBA::Long get_long (void)
virtual CORBA::ULong get_ulong (void)
virtual CORBA::Float get_float (void)
virtual CORBA::Double get_double (void)
virtual char * get_string (void)
virtual CORBA::Object_ptr get_reference (void)
virtual CORBA::TypeCode_ptr get_typecode (void)
virtual CORBA::LongLong get_longlong (void)
virtual CORBA::ULongLong get_ulonglong (void)
virtual CORBA::LongDouble get_longdouble (void)
virtual CORBA::WChar get_wchar (void)
virtual CORBA::WCharget_wstring (void)
virtual CORBA::Any * get_any (void)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr get_dyn_any (void)
virtual CORBA::ValueBase * get_val (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean seek (CORBA::Long index)
virtual void rewind (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean next (void)
virtual DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr copy (void)
virtual CORBA::ULong component_count (void)
virtual void insert_abstract (CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr value)
virtual CORBA::AbstractBase_ptr get_abstract (void)
virtual void insert_boolean_seq (const CORBA::BooleanSeq &value)
virtual void insert_octet_seq (const CORBA::OctetSeq &value)
virtual void insert_char_seq (const CORBA::CharSeq &value)
virtual void insert_short_seq (const CORBA::ShortSeq &value)
virtual void insert_ushort_seq (const CORBA::UShortSeq &value)
virtual void insert_long_seq (const CORBA::LongSeq &value)
virtual void insert_ulong_seq (const CORBA::ULongSeq &value)
virtual void insert_float_seq (const CORBA::FloatSeq &value)
virtual void insert_double_seq (const CORBA::DoubleSeq &value)
virtual void insert_longlong_seq (const CORBA::LongLongSeq &value)
virtual void insert_ulonglong_seq (const CORBA::ULongLongSeq &value)
virtual void insert_longdouble_seq (const CORBA::LongDoubleSeq &value)
virtual void insert_wchar_seq (const CORBA::WCharSeq &value)
virtual CORBA::BooleanSeq * get_boolean_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::OctetSeq * get_octet_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::CharSeq * get_char_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::ShortSeq * get_short_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::UShortSeq * get_ushort_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::LongSeq * get_long_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::ULongSeq * get_ulong_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::FloatSeq * get_float_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::DoubleSeq * get_double_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::LongLongSeq * get_longlong_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::ULongLongSeq * get_ulonglong_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::LongDoubleSeq * get_longdouble_seq (void)
virtual CORBA::WCharSeq * get_wchar_seq (void)
void set_flag (DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr component, CORBA::Boolean destroying)
DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr check_component (CORBA::Boolean isValueType=false)
void check_type (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc)
CORBA::Boolean has_components (void) const
CORBA::Boolean destroyed (void) const
CORBA::Any & the_any (void)
void container_is_destroying (CORBA::Boolean val)
void ref_to_component (CORBA::Boolean val)

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_DynUnion_i_narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_DynCommon
static bool is_basic_type_seq (CORBA::TypeCode_ptr tc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CORBA::LocalObject
static CORBA::Boolean marshal (const Object_ptr x, TAO_OutputCDR &cdr)
static void _tao_any_destructor (void *)
static CORBA::Boolean is_nil_i (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static void tao_object_initialize (Object *)
static CORBA::Object_ptr _duplicate (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static CORBA::Object_ptr _nil (void)
static CORBA::Object_ptr _narrow (CORBA::Object_ptr obj)

Private Member Functions

void set_from_any (const CORBA::Any &any)
void init_common (void)
 Called by both versions of init(). More...
CORBA::Boolean label_match (const CORBA::Any &my_any, const CORBA::Any &other_any)
 Iterative check for label value match. More...
 TAO_DynUnion_i (const TAO_DynUnion_i &src)
 Use copy() or assign() instead of these. More...
TAO_DynUnion_ioperator= (const TAO_DynUnion_i &src)

Private Attributes

DynamicAny::DynAny_var member_
 Just two components. More...
DynamicAny::DynAny_var discriminator_
CORBA::ULong member_slot_
 The active member's slot in the union type code. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CORBA::LocalObject
typedef Object_ptr _ptr_type
typedef Object_var _var_type
typedef Object_out _out_type
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CORBA::LocalObject
 Object (int dummy=0)
TAO::Object_Proxy_Brokerproxy_broker () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from TAO_DynCommon
CORBA::Boolean ref_to_component_
 Were we created by current_component()? More...
CORBA::Boolean container_is_destroying_
 Flag to let destroy() call by container override the flag above. More...
CORBA::Boolean has_components_
 Do we contain other Dynamic Anys? More...
CORBA::Boolean destroyed_
 Has destroy() been called on us yet? More...
CORBA::Long current_position_
 Slot of the current component (if any). More...
CORBA::ULong component_count_
 Number of components, as defined by CORBA 2.4.2. More...
CORBA::TypeCode_var type_
 Holder for our type code. More...
CORBA::Any any_
CORBA::Boolean allow_truncation_
 Are we allowed to truncate any valuetypes in our hyarchy? More...

Detailed Description

Implementation of Dynamic Any type for Unions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_DynUnion_i::TAO_DynUnion_i ( CORBA::Boolean  allow_truncation = true)


TAO_DynUnion_i::~TAO_DynUnion_i ( void  )


TAO_DynUnion_i::TAO_DynUnion_i ( const TAO_DynUnion_i src)

Use copy() or assign() instead of these.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_DynUnion_i * TAO_DynUnion_i::_narrow ( CORBA::Object_ptr  obj)
DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr TAO_DynUnion_i::current_component ( void  )
void TAO_DynUnion_i::destroy ( void  )
CORBA::TCKind TAO_DynUnion_i::discriminator_kind ( void  )
CORBA::Boolean TAO_DynUnion_i::equal ( DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr  dyn_any)
void TAO_DynUnion_i::from_any ( const CORBA::Any &  value)
DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr TAO_DynUnion_i::get_discriminator ( void  )
CORBA::Boolean TAO_DynUnion_i::has_no_active_member ( void  )
void TAO_DynUnion_i::init ( const CORBA::Any &  any)

Constructor taking an Any argument.

void TAO_DynUnion_i::init ( CORBA::TypeCode_ptr  tc)

Constructor taking a typecode argument.

void TAO_DynUnion_i::init_common ( void  )

Called by both versions of init().

CORBA::Boolean TAO_DynUnion_i::label_match ( const CORBA::Any &  my_any,
const CORBA::Any &  other_any 

Iterative check for label value match.

DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr TAO_DynUnion_i::member ( void  )
CORBA::TCKind TAO_DynUnion_i::member_kind ( void  )
char * TAO_DynUnion_i::member_name ( void  )
TAO_DynUnion_i& TAO_DynUnion_i::operator= ( const TAO_DynUnion_i src)
void TAO_DynUnion_i::set_discriminator ( DynamicAny::DynAny_ptr  d)
void TAO_DynUnion_i::set_from_any ( const CORBA::Any &  any)

Code common to the constructor from an Any arg and the member function from_any().

void TAO_DynUnion_i::set_to_default_member ( void  )
void TAO_DynUnion_i::set_to_no_active_member ( void  )
CORBA::Any_ptr TAO_DynUnion_i::to_any ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

DynamicAny::DynAny_var TAO_DynUnion_i::discriminator_
DynamicAny::DynAny_var TAO_DynUnion_i::member_

Just two components.

CORBA::ULong TAO_DynUnion_i::member_slot_

The active member's slot in the union type code.

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