TAO_CosTrader  2.2.0
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Trader_Utils.h File Reference
#include "orbsvcs/Trader/Trader.h"


class  TAO_Property_Evaluator
 This class abstracts away the details of obtaining property values and property types. Since the procedure for obtaining the value or type of a dynamic property is disparate from the method for a static property, TAO_Property_Evaluator provides methods that will unify the two approaches under a single interface. Since dynamic properties aren't necessarily supported by a trader, this class accounts for that contingency. The use of indexed lookups allows them to occur in constant time on the CORBA sequences, but requires that the client know the layout of properties ahead of time. More...
class  TAO_Property_Evaluator_By_Name
 This class extends the TAO_Property_Evaluator to allow lookups based on the property name of interest. Since the property information is contained within an integer indexed array, lookups may occur in O(n) time, where n is the length of the array. To make lookups by name more efficient, TAO_Property_Evaluator_By_Name creates a mapping of property names to integer indicies, upon which lookups are guaranteed to be O(lg n). More...
class  TAO_Dynamic_Property
 Little helper class that you can extend to have your dynamic property handler construct CosTradingDynamic::DynamicProp structs. More...
class  TAO_Policies
 This class ensures that policies submitted to Lookup make sense, have the correct value types, and don't exceed the maximums set through the Admin Interface. More...
class  TAO_Policy_Creator
 This class is a utility for clients using the CosTrading::Lookup interface that helps them build a policy sequence without violating syntax rules and having to mess with typecodes. More...
class  TAO_Offer_Modifier
 This class deletes, modifies, and adds properties to a given offer according to the rules of the modify method on the Register interface. More...
class  TAO_Offer_Filter
 The purpose of this class is to ensure that offers that shouldn't be considered by the TAO_Constraint_Interpreter aren't. More...
class  TAO_Property_Filter
 The Ace_Property_Filter copies those properties specified in a CosTrading::Lookup::SpecifiedProps from a source CosTrading::Offer to a destination CosTrading::Offer. More...


#define TAO_NUM_POLICIES   11

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#define TAO_NUM_POLICIES   11