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TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator Class Reference

#include <Trader_Constraint_Visitors.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator (const CosTradingRepos::ServiceTypeRepository::TypeStruct &type_struct)
virtual ~TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator (void)
 Desctructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_Constraint_Validator
 TAO_Constraint_Validator (void)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TAO_Constraint_Validator (void)
 Destructor. More...
int validate (TAO_Constraint *root)
virtual int visit_constraint (TAO_Unary_Constraint *constraint)
virtual int visit_with (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_with)
virtual int visit_min (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_min)
virtual int visit_max (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_max)
virtual int visit_first (TAO_Noop_Constraint *noop_first)
virtual int visit_random (TAO_Noop_Constraint *noop_random)
virtual int visit_and (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_and)
 The two operands must return a boolean value. More...
virtual int visit_or (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_or)
virtual int visit_not (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_not)
 The operand must return a boolean value. More...
virtual int visit_exist (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_exist)
virtual int visit_unary_minus (TAO_Unary_Constraint *unary_minus)
 The operand must return a number to be negated. More...
virtual int visit_add (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_add)
 Both operands must return numeric results. More...
virtual int visit_sub (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_sub)
virtual int visit_mult (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_mult)
virtual int visit_div (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_div)
virtual int visit_twiddle (TAO_Binary_Constraint *binary_twiddle)
 Both operands must return strings. More...
virtual int visit_in (TAO_Binary_Constraint *binary_in)
virtual int visit_less_than (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_lt)
 The left and right operands must both be of the same simple type. More...
virtual int visit_less_than_equal (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_lte)
virtual int visit_greater_than (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_gt)
virtual int visit_greater_than_equal (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_gte)
virtual int visit_equal (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_eq)
virtual int visit_not_equal (TAO_Binary_Constraint *boolean_neq)
virtual int visit_literal (TAO_Literal_Constraint *literal)
 The property must be defined in the service type description. More...
virtual int visit_property (TAO_Property_Constraint *literal)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO_Constraint_Visitor
virtual ~TAO_Constraint_Visitor (void)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TAO_Constraint_Validator
TAO_Typecode_Table type_map_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator::TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator ( const CosTradingRepos::ServiceTypeRepository::TypeStruct type_struct)

The constructor creates a map of property names to their values from the Type Description retrieved from the ServiceTypeRepository. The ServiceTypeRepository throws exceptions when it's displeased with the type name provided to it. The map allows O(lg n) associative access, rather than the O(n) sequential lookup from the CORBA data structures.

TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator::~TAO_Trader_Constraint_Validator ( void  )


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