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TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl Class Reference

ConsumerControl. More...

#include <CEC_ConsumerControl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl (void)
virtual ~TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl (void)
 destructor... More...
virtual int activate (void)
virtual int shutdown (void)
virtual void consumer_not_exist (TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier *proxy)
virtual void consumer_not_exist (TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier *proxy)
virtual void system_exception (TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier *proxy, CORBA::SystemException &)
 Some system exception was rasied while trying to push an event. More...
virtual bool need_to_disconnect (PortableServer::ServantBase *proxy)
virtual void successful_transmission (PortableServer::ServantBase *proxy)
 Allow others to inform us when a send or receive was successful. More...

Detailed Description


Defines the interface for the consumer control strategy. This strategy handles misbehaving or failing consumers. = MEMORY MANAGMENT = LOCKING = TODO

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl ( void  )

Constructor. It does not assume ownership of the <event_channel> parameter.

TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::~TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

int TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::activate ( void  )

Activate any internal threads or timers used to poll the state of the consumers

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::consumer_not_exist ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier proxy)

When pushing an event to the consumer a CORBA::OBJECT_NOT_EXIST exception was raised. The only interpretation is that the object has been destroyed. The strategy has to (at the very least), reclaim all the resources attached to that object.

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::consumer_not_exist ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier proxy)

Invoked by helper classes when they detect that a consumer no longer exists (i.e. _non_existent() returns true and/or the CORBA::OBJECT_NOT_EXIST exception has been raised).

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

bool TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::need_to_disconnect ( PortableServer::ServantBase proxy)

Do we need to disconnect this supplier? The parameter type for proxy is PortableServer::ServantBase* due to the fact that this method will be used for TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier's and TAO_CEC_ProxyPullSupplier's.

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

int TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::shutdown ( void  )
void TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::successful_transmission ( PortableServer::ServantBase proxy)

Allow others to inform us when a send or receive was successful.

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

void TAO_CEC_ConsumerControl::system_exception ( TAO_CEC_ProxyPushSupplier proxy,

Some system exception was rasied while trying to push an event.

Reimplemented in TAO_CEC_Reactive_ConsumerControl.

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