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TAO_TSS_Resources Class Reference

The TSS resoures shared by all the ORBs. More...

#include <TSS_Resources.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TAO_TSS_Resources (void)
 Constructor. More...
 ~TAO_TSS_Resources (void)
 Destructor. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static TAO_TSS_Resourcesinstance (void)
 Return a singleton instance of this class. More...

Public Attributes

void * poa_current_impl_
void * rtscheduler_current_impl_
void * rtscheduler_previous_current_impl_
CORBA::Short rtcorba_current_priority_
 The default environment for the thread. More...
CORBA::Environment tss_environment_
TAO_Policy_Current_Impl initial_policy_current_
 This pointer is reset by the POA on each upcall. More...
 A factory for creating GUIReactors. More...

Private Member Functions

 TAO_TSS_Resources (const TAO_TSS_Resources &)
 Do not copy TSS resources. More...
void operator= (const TAO_TSS_Resources &)
 Do not copy TSS resources. More...

Detailed Description

The TSS resoures shared by all the ORBs.

This class is used by TAO to store the resources that are thread-specific but are not ORB specific. The members are public because only the ORB Core is expected to access them.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_TSS_Resources::TAO_TSS_Resources ( void  )


TAO_TSS_Resources::~TAO_TSS_Resources ( void  )


TAO_TSS_Resources::TAO_TSS_Resources ( const TAO_TSS_Resources )

Do not copy TSS resources.

Member Function Documentation

TAO_TSS_Resources * TAO_TSS_Resources::instance ( void  )

Return a singleton instance of this class.

void TAO_TSS_Resources::operator= ( const TAO_TSS_Resources )

Do not copy TSS resources.

Member Data Documentation

CORBA::Environment* TAO_TSS_Resources::default_environment_

The default environment for the thread.

TAO::GUIResource_Factory* TAO_TSS_Resources::gui_resource_factory_

A factory for creating GUIReactors.

GUIResource_Factory has to be stored in TSS, as GUIReactors are operational only in within the context of GUI event loops.

TAO_Policy_Current_Impl TAO_TSS_Resources::initial_policy_current_

The initial PolicyCurrent for this thread. Should be a TSS resource.

void* TAO_TSS_Resources::poa_current_impl_

Points to structure containing state for the current upcall context in this thread. Note that it does not come from the resource factory because it must always be held in thread-specific storage. For now, since TAO_ORB_Core instances are TSS singletons, we simply ride along and don't allocate occupy another TSS slot since there are some platforms where those are precious commodities (e.g., NT).

TAO_Policy_Current_Impl* TAO_TSS_Resources::policy_current_

This pointer is reset by the POA on each upcall.

CORBA::Short TAO_TSS_Resources::rtcorba_current_priority_

The CORBA priority of the thread if set via RTCORBA::Current. RTCORBA::minPriority - 1 otherwise.

void* TAO_TSS_Resources::rtscheduler_current_impl_
void* TAO_TSS_Resources::rtscheduler_previous_current_impl_
TAO::Transport_Selection_Guard* TAO_TSS_Resources::tsg_

A TSS for a pointer to the current transport guard (see below). The guard keeps track of the Transport, if any that has been selected for use by the current thread, in the context of an upcall or client-side interceptor.

CORBA::Environment TAO_TSS_Resources::tss_environment_

If the user (or library) provides no environment the ORB_Core still holds one.

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