TAO_PI  2.1.9
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ORBInitInfo.pidl File Reference

Pre-compiled IDL source for the ORBInitInfo. More...

#include "tao/StringSeq.pidl"
#include "tao/CodecFactory/IOP_Codec_include.pidl"
#include "tao/PI_Forward.pidl"
#include "tao/Policy.pidl"


exception  DuplicateName
exception  InvalidName


void register_initial_reference (in ObjectId id, in Object obj) raises (InvalidName)
Object resolve_initial_references (in ObjectId id) raises (InvalidName)
void add_client_request_interceptor (in ClientRequestInterceptor interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
void add_server_request_interceptor (in ServerRequestInterceptor interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
void add_ior_interceptor (in IORInterceptor interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
SlotId allocate_slot_id ()
void register_policy_factory (in CORBA::PolicyType type, in PolicyFactory policy_factory)
local interface in
CORBA::PolicyList policies 
raises (DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)
void add_server_request_interceptor_with_policy (in ServerRequestInterceptor interceptor, in CORBA::PolicyList policies) raises (DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)
void add_ior_interceptor_with_policy (in IORInterceptor interceptor, in CORBA::PolicyList policies) raises (DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)


module PortableInterceptor
local interface ClientRequestInterceptor
local interface ServerRequestInterceptor
local interface IORInterceptor
local interface PolicyFactory
local interface ORBInitInfo
readonly attribute CORBA::StringSeq arguments
readonly attribute string orb_id
readonly attribute
local interface ORBInitInfo_3_1

Detailed Description

Pre-compiled IDL source for the ORBInitInfo.

ORBInitInfo.pidl 92104 2010-09-30 09:53:25Z johnnyw

Function Documentation

void add_client_request_interceptor ( in ClientRequestInterceptor  interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
void add_ior_interceptor ( in IORInterceptor  interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
void add_ior_interceptor_with_policy ( in IORInterceptor  interceptor,
in CORBA::PolicyList  policies 
) raises (DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)
void add_server_request_interceptor ( in ServerRequestInterceptor  interceptor) raises (DuplicateName)
void add_server_request_interceptor_with_policy ( in ServerRequestInterceptor  interceptor,
in CORBA::PolicyList  policies 
) raises (DuplicateName, CORBA::PolicyError)
SlotId allocate_slot_id ( )
local interface in CORBA::PolicyList policies raises ( DuplicateName  ,
void register_initial_reference ( in ObjectId  id,
in Object  obj 
) raises (InvalidName)
void register_policy_factory ( in CORBA::PolicyType  type,
in PolicyFactory  policy_factory 
Object resolve_initial_references ( in ObjectId  id) raises (InvalidName)

Variable Documentation

readonly attribute CORBA::StringSeq arguments
local interface ClientRequestInterceptor
readonly attribute IOP::CodecFactory codec_factory
local interface IORInterceptor
readonly attribute string orb_id
local interface ORBInitInfo
Initial value:
typedef string ObjectId
local interface ORBInitInfo_3_1
local interface PolicyFactory
module PortableInterceptor
Initial value:
typeprefix PortableInterceptor "omg.org"
local interface ServerRequestInterceptor