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TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check Class Reference

File guard specific for storable naming contexts. More...

#include <Storable_Naming_Context.h>

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Public Member Functions

 File_Open_Lock_and_Check (TAO_Storable_Naming_Context *context, Method_Type method_type)
 Constructor - we always need the object which we guard. More...
 ~File_Open_Lock_and_Check ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from TAO::Storable_File_Guard
 Storable_File_Guard (bool redundant, bool use_backup=Storable_Base::use_backup_default)
virtual ~Storable_File_Guard ()
void release (void)
TAO::Storable_Basepeer ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool object_obsolete (void)
virtual void mark_object_current (void)
virtual void set_object_last_changed (const time_t &time)
 Mark the time at which the object was modified and. More...
virtual time_t get_object_last_changed ()
virtual int load_from_stream ()
virtual bool is_loaded_from_stream ()
virtual TAO::Storable_Basecreate_stream (const char *mode)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from TAO::Storable_File_Guard
void init (Method_Type method_type)

Private Member Functions

 File_Open_Lock_and_Check (void)
 Default constructor. More...

Private Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from TAO::Storable_File_Guard
enum  Method_Type
- Public Attributes inherited from TAO::Storable_File_Guard
- Protected Attributes inherited from TAO::Storable_File_Guard

Detailed Description

File guard specific for storable naming contexts.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::File_Open_Lock_and_Check ( TAO_Storable_Naming_Context context,
Method_Type  method_type 

Constructor - we always need the object which we guard.

TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::~File_Open_Lock_and_Check ( )
TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::File_Open_Lock_and_Check ( void  )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

TAO::Storable_Base * TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::create_stream ( const char *  mode)
time_t TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::get_object_last_changed ( )

Get the time which the object was last written to the file.

Implements TAO::Storable_File_Guard.

bool TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::is_loaded_from_stream ( )
int TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::load_from_stream ( )
void TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::mark_object_current ( void  )

Mark the object as current with respect to the file to which it was persisted.

Reimplemented from TAO::Storable_File_Guard.

bool TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::object_obsolete ( void  )

Check if the guarded object is current with the last update which could have been performed independently of the owner of this object.

Reimplemented from TAO::Storable_File_Guard.

void TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::set_object_last_changed ( const time_t &  time)

Mark the time at which the object was modified and.

Implements TAO::Storable_File_Guard.

Member Data Documentation

TAO_Storable_Naming_Context* TAO_Storable_Naming_Context::File_Open_Lock_and_Check::context_

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