DDS4CCM  1.1.9
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dds4ccm_conf.h File Reference



Macro Definition Documentation

Marcel Smit (msmit.nosp@m.@rem.nosp@m.edy.n.nosp@m.l)
dds4ccm_conf.h 95870 2012-06-12 13:46:34Z johnnyw

Configuration file for DDS4CCM. CIAO_DDS4CCM_CONTEXT_SWITCH defines whether DDS4CCM does use the ORB core reactor thread when a DDS callback has been received.

If this is defined to 1 DDS4CCM will pass the DDS callback to the ORB Core Reactor thread which means a thread context switch

If this is defined to 0 no context switch takes place and the DDS callback is delivered to the user code on the DDS thread

If the user doesn't explicitly choose a value we will default to 1