CIAO  1.1.9
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CIAO::Name_Utilities Namespace Reference


bool write_ior (const ACE_TCHAR *file, const char *ior)
 Write IOR to named file. Will overwrite file if present. More...
bool bind_object (const char *name, CORBA::Object_ptr obj, CosNaming::NamingContext_ptr ctx)
void bind_context (CosNaming::Name &nm, CosNaming::NamingContext_ptr ctx)
bool unbind_object (const char *name, CosNaming::NamingContext_ptr)
 Will unbind the provided name. More...
void build_name (const char *name, CosNaming::Name &nm)

Function Documentation

void CIAO::Name_Utilities::bind_context ( CosNaming::Name nm,
CosNaming::NamingContext_ptr  ctx 
bool CIAO::Name_Utilities::bind_object ( const char *  name,
CORBA::Object_ptr  obj,

Binds object to provided name, which may be formatted with / to indicate naming contexts, e.g. A/B/C.

void CIAO::Name_Utilities::build_name ( const char *  name,
CosNaming::Name nm 
bool CIAO::Name_Utilities::unbind_object ( const char *  name,
CosNaming::NamingContext_ptr  ctx 

Will unbind the provided name.

bool CIAO::Name_Utilities::write_ior ( const ACE_TCHAR file,
const char *  ior 

Write IOR to named file. Will overwrite file if present.