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Basic_Content_Tester Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual void characters (const ACEXML_Char *ch, size_t start, size_t length)
const ACEXML_Charget_test_string (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_DefaultHandler
 ACEXML_DefaultHandler (void)
virtual ~ACEXML_DefaultHandler (void)
virtual void endDocument (void)
virtual void endElement (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName)
virtual void endPrefixMapping (const ACEXML_Char *prefix)
virtual void ignorableWhitespace (const ACEXML_Char *ch, int start, int length)
virtual void processingInstruction (const ACEXML_Char *target, const ACEXML_Char *data)
virtual void setDocumentLocator (ACEXML_Locator *locator)
virtual void skippedEntity (const ACEXML_Char *name)
virtual void startDocument (void)
virtual void startElement (const ACEXML_Char *namespaceURI, const ACEXML_Char *localName, const ACEXML_Char *qName, ACEXML_Attributes *atts)
virtual void startPrefixMapping (const ACEXML_Char *prefix, const ACEXML_Char *uri)
virtual void notationDecl (const ACEXML_Char *name, const ACEXML_Char *publicId, const ACEXML_Char *systemId)
virtual void unparsedEntityDecl (const ACEXML_Char *name, const ACEXML_Char *publicId, const ACEXML_Char *systemId, const ACEXML_Char *notationName)
virtual ACEXML_InputSourceresolveEntity (const ACEXML_Char *publicId, const ACEXML_Char *systemId)
virtual void error (ACEXML_SAXParseException &exception)
virtual void fatalError (ACEXML_SAXParseException &exception)
virtual void warning (ACEXML_SAXParseException &exception)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_ContentHandler
virtual ~ACEXML_ContentHandler (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_DTDHandler
virtual ~ACEXML_DTDHandler (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_EntityResolver
virtual ~ACEXML_EntityResolver (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_ErrorHandler
virtual ~ACEXML_ErrorHandler (void)

Static Private Attributes

static const ACEXML_Chartest_string_

Member Function Documentation

void Basic_Content_Tester::characters ( const ACEXML_Char ch,
size_t  start,
size_t  length 

Receive notification of character data.

Reimplemented from ACEXML_DefaultHandler.

const ACEXML_Char* Basic_Content_Tester::get_test_string ( void  )

Member Data Documentation

const ACEXML_Char * Basic_Content_Tester::test_string_
Initial value:
ACE_TEXT ("d&apos;internationalisation</translation>")

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