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ACEXML_XMLFilter Class Referenceabstract

ACEXML_XMLFilter. More...

#include "ACEXML/common/XMLFilter.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual ACEXML_XMLReadergetParent (void) const =0
virtual void setParent (ACEXML_XMLReader *parent)=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACEXML_XMLReader
virtual ~ACEXML_XMLReader (void)
virtual ACEXML_ContentHandlergetContentHandler (void) const =0
virtual ACEXML_DTDHandlergetDTDHandler (void) const =0
virtual ACEXML_EntityResolvergetEntityResolver (void) const =0
virtual ACEXML_ErrorHandlergetErrorHandler (void) const =0
virtual int getFeature (const ACEXML_Char *name)=0
virtual void * getProperty (const ACEXML_Char *name)=0
virtual void parse (ACEXML_InputSource *input)=0
virtual void parse (const ACEXML_Char *systemId)=0
virtual void setContentHandler (ACEXML_ContentHandler *handler)=0
virtual void setDTDHandler (ACEXML_DTDHandler *handler)=0
virtual void setEntityResolver (ACEXML_EntityResolver *resolver)=0
virtual void setErrorHandler (ACEXML_ErrorHandler *handler)=0
virtual void setFeature (const ACEXML_Char *name, int boolean_value)=0
virtual void setProperty (const ACEXML_Char *name, void *value)=0

Detailed Description


An XML filter is like an XML reader, except that it obtains its events from another XML reader rather than a primary source like an XML document or database. Filters can modify a stream of events as they pass on to the final application.

The XMLFilterImpl helper class provides a convenient base for creating SAX2 filters, by passing on all ACEXML_EntityResolver, ACEXML_DTDHandler, ACEXML_ContentHandler and ACEXML_ErrorHandler events automatically.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ACEXML_XMLReader* ACEXML_XMLFilter::getParent ( void  ) const
pure virtual

Get the parent reader.

Implemented in ACEXML_XMLFilterImpl.

virtual void ACEXML_XMLFilter::setParent ( ACEXML_XMLReader parent)
pure virtual

Set the parent reader.

Implemented in ACEXML_XMLFilterImpl.

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