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ACEXML_Parser_Context Class Reference

#include <ParserContext.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACEXML_Parser_Context ()
 Default constructor. More...
 ACEXML_Parser_Context (ACEXML_InputSource *instream, ACEXML_LocatorImpl *locator)
 Constructor which initializes the context. More...
bool operator!= (const ACEXML_Parser_Context &src)
 Comparison operator. More...
virtual ~ACEXML_Parser_Context ()
 Destructor. More...
void reset (void)
virtual ACEXML_InputSourcegetInputSource (void)
 Get the underlying input source. More...
virtual ACEXML_LocatorImplgetLocator (void)
 Get the underlying locator. More...
virtual void setInputSource (ACEXML_InputSource *ip)
 Set the underlying input source. More...
virtual void setLocator (ACEXML_LocatorImpl *locator)
 Set the underlying locator. More...

Private Member Functions

 ACEXML_Parser_Context (const ACEXML_Parser_Context &src)
 Copy constructor. More...
ACEXML_Parser_Contextoperator= (const ACEXML_Parser_Context &src)
 Assignment operator. More...

Private Attributes

 Current input char stream. More...
 Current Locator which provides line no., column no. systemId and publicId. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_Parser_Context::ACEXML_Parser_Context ( )

Default constructor.

ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_Parser_Context::ACEXML_Parser_Context ( ACEXML_InputSource instream,
ACEXML_LocatorImpl locator 

Constructor which initializes the context.

ACEXML_Parser_Context::~ACEXML_Parser_Context ( )


ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_Parser_Context::ACEXML_Parser_Context ( const ACEXML_Parser_Context src)

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_InputSource * ACEXML_Parser_Context::getInputSource ( void  )

Get the underlying input source.

ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_LocatorImpl * ACEXML_Parser_Context::getLocator ( void  )

Get the underlying locator.

ACEXML_INLINE bool ACEXML_Parser_Context::operator!= ( const ACEXML_Parser_Context src)

Comparison operator.

ACEXML_INLINE ACEXML_Parser_Context & ACEXML_Parser_Context::operator= ( const ACEXML_Parser_Context src)

Assignment operator.

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_Parser_Context::reset ( void  )

Reset the parser context. This does not free up the memory. Only sets it to zero. Meant to be called after a context is pushed on to a stack.

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_Parser_Context::setInputSource ( ACEXML_InputSource ip)

Set the underlying input source.

ACEXML_INLINE void ACEXML_Parser_Context::setLocator ( ACEXML_LocatorImpl locator)

Set the underlying locator.

Member Data Documentation

ACEXML_InputSource* ACEXML_Parser_Context::instream_

Current input char stream.

ACEXML_LocatorImpl* ACEXML_Parser_Context::locator_

Current Locator which provides line no., column no. systemId and publicId.

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