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ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base Class Reference

Base class from which the template monitor point class is derived. More...

#include <Monitor_Base.h>

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 Monitor_Base (const char *name, Monitor_Control_Types::Information_Type type)
virtual ~Monitor_Base (void)
virtual void update (void)
virtual void receive (double data)
 Updates the monitor's data if it is a numeric floating point. More...
virtual void receive (size_t data)
 Updates the monitor's data if it is an integer size. More...
virtual void receive (const Monitor_Control_Types::NameList &data)
 Updates the monitor's data if it is a string type. More...
long add_constraint (const char *expression, Control_Action *action=0)
 Add a constraint, returns a unique constraint id. More...
Control_Actionremove_constraint (const long constraint_id)
CONSTRAINTSconstraints (void)
 Get all constraints. More...
virtual void clear (void)
 Reset function. More...
void retrieve (Monitor_Control_Types::Data &data) const
 Data accessors. More...
void retrieve_and_clear (Monitor_Control_Types::Data &data)
void add_to_registry (const ACE_Time_Value &time=ACE_Time_Value::zero)
 Common to all monitors. More...
void remove_from_registry (void)
const char * name (void) const
void name (const char *new_name)
void add_ref (void)
void remove_ref (void)
double average (void) const
 Calculate the average of the accumulated samples. More...
double sum_of_squares (void) const
 Calculate the sum of the squares of the samples. More...
size_t count (void) const
 Returns the number of samples. More...
double minimum_sample (void) const
 Returns the minimum sample value. More...
double maximum_sample (void) const
 Returns the maximum sample value. More...
double last_sample (void) const
 Returns the most recent sample value. More...
Monitor_Control_Types::Information_Type type (void) const
 Return the type of this statistic. More...
Monitor_Control_Types::NameList get_list (void) const
 Return the list or error msg if wrong type. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void clear_i (void)

Protected Attributes

Monitor_Control_Types::Data data_
CONSTRAINTS constraints_

Private Attributes

ACE_CString name_

Additional Inherited Members

- Private Member Functions inherited from ACE_Refcountable_T< ACE_SYNCH_MUTEX >
virtual ~ACE_Refcountable_T (void)
 Destructor. More...
long increment (void)
 Increment refcount. More...
long decrement (void)
 Decrement refcount. More...
long refcount (void) const
 Returns the current refcount. More...
 ACE_Refcountable_T (long refcount)
 Protected constructor. More...

Detailed Description

Base class from which the template monitor point class is derived.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::Monitor_Base ( const char *  name,
Monitor_Control_Types::Information_Type  type 
ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::~Monitor_Base ( void  )

Member Function Documentation

long ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::add_constraint ( const char *  expression,
Control_Action action = 0 

Add a constraint, returns a unique constraint id.

Thread-safe and guaranteed to be unique.

This is thread-safe on its own so we don't have to guard it here.

Since we know external key is unique, we don't check for failure.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::add_ref ( void  )
void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::add_to_registry ( const ACE_Time_Value time = ACE_Time_Value::zero)

Common to all monitors.

double ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::average ( void  ) const

Calculate the average of the accumulated samples.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::clear ( void  )

Reset function.

Reimplemented in ACE::Monitor_Control::Size_Monitor.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::clear_i ( void  )

Overridden in some monitors (for example the OS monitors) where clearing requires monitor-specific actions.

Monitor_Base::CONSTRAINTS & ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::constraints ( void  )

Get all constraints.

size_t ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::count ( void  ) const

Returns the number of samples.

Monitor_Control_Types::NameList ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::get_list ( void  ) const

Return the list or error msg if wrong type.

double ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::last_sample ( void  ) const

Returns the most recent sample value.

double ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::maximum_sample ( void  ) const

Returns the maximum sample value.

double ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::minimum_sample ( void  ) const

Returns the minimum sample value.

const char * ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::name ( void  ) const
void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::name ( const char *  new_name)
void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::receive ( double  data)

Updates the monitor's data if it is a numeric floating point.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::receive ( size_t  data)

Updates the monitor's data if it is an integer size.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::receive ( const Monitor_Control_Types::NameList data)

Updates the monitor's data if it is a string type.

Control_Action * ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::remove_constraint ( const long  constraint_id)

Remove a constraint and return the associated control action, which may be shared, for deletion or further use.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::remove_from_registry ( void  )
void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::remove_ref ( void  )
void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::retrieve ( Monitor_Control_Types::Data data) const

Data accessors.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::retrieve_and_clear ( Monitor_Control_Types::Data data)
double ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::sum_of_squares ( void  ) const

Calculate the sum of the squares of the samples.

Monitor_Control_Types::Information_Type ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::type ( void  ) const

Return the type of this statistic.

void ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::update ( void  )

Implemented by the most-derived class. Does the actual work of fetching the monitored value.

Overridden in derived classes.

Reimplemented in ACE::Monitor_Control::Size_Monitor.

Member Data Documentation

CONSTRAINTS ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::constraints_
Monitor_Control_Types::Data ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::data_
ACE_SYNCH_MUTEX ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::mutex_
ACE_CString ACE::Monitor_Control::Monitor_Base::name_

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