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ACE_TSS_Ref Class Reference

"Reference count" for thread-specific storage keys. More...

#include <OS_NS_Thread.h>

Public Member Functions

 ACE_TSS_Ref (ACE_thread_t id)
 Constructor. More...
 ACE_TSS_Ref (void)
 Default constructor. More...
bool operator== (const ACE_TSS_Ref &) const
 Check for equality. More...
bool operator!= (const ACE_TSS_Ref &) const
 Check for inequality. More...

Public Attributes

ACE_thread_t tid_
 ID of thread using a specific key. More...

Detailed Description

"Reference count" for thread-specific storage keys.

Since the <ACE_Unbounded_Stack> doesn't allow duplicates, the "reference count" is the identify of the thread_id.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_TSS_Ref::ACE_TSS_Ref ( ACE_thread_t  id)


ACE_TSS_Ref::ACE_TSS_Ref ( void  )

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

ACE_SPECIAL_INLINE bool ACE_TSS_Ref::operator!= ( const ACE_TSS_Ref tss_ref) const

Check for inequality.

bool ACE_TSS_Ref::operator== ( const ACE_TSS_Ref info) const

Check for equality.

Member Data Documentation

ACE_thread_t ACE_TSS_Ref::tid_

ID of thread using a specific key.

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