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ACE_Local_RLock Class Reference

Class that acquires, renews, and releases a readers lock that is local to the process. More...

#include <Local_Tokens.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Local_RLock (const ACE_TCHAR *token_name=0, int ignore_deadlock=0, int debug=0)
 ~ACE_Local_RLock (void)
 Destructor. More...
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of the class. More...
virtual int type (void) const
 Returns ACE_RW_Token::RLOCK. More...
virtual ACE_Token_Proxyclone (void) const
 Return deep copy. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACE_Token_Proxy
 ACE_Token_Proxy (void)
 Construction. More...
virtual ~ACE_Token_Proxy (void)
 Destructor. More...
virtual int open (const ACE_TCHAR *name, int ignore_deadlock=0, int debug=0)
virtual int acquire (int notify=0, void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
virtual int renew (int requeue_position=-1, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
 Calls renew on the token. Blocks the calling thread if would block. More...
virtual int tryacquire (void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0)
 Calls renew on the token. More...
virtual int release (ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
 Calls release on the token. More...
virtual int remove (ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
 Calls remove on the token. More...
virtual int acquire_read (int notify=0, void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
virtual int acquire_write (int notify=0, void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0, ACE_Synch_Options &options=ACE_Synch_Options::defaults)
virtual int tryacquire_read (void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0)
virtual int tryacquire_write (void(*sleep_hook)(void *)=0)
virtual const ACE_TCHARclient_id (void) const
virtual void client_id (const ACE_TCHAR *client_id)
virtual const ACE_TCHARname (void) const
virtual void sleep_hook (void)
virtual void token_acquired (ACE_TPQ_Entry *)
virtual const ACE_TCHARowner_id (void)
 The client id of the current token holder. More...
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of the class. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual ACE_Tokenscreate_token (const ACE_TCHAR *name)
 Return a new ACE_Local_Mutex. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ACE_Token_Proxy
 ACE_Token_Proxy (const ACE_Token_Proxy &)
 Duplication. More...
int handle_options (ACE_Synch_Options &options, ACE_TOKEN_CONST::COND_VAR &cv)
 Handles cond_var waits. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ACE_Token_Proxy
int ignore_deadlock_
 If this is set, we ignore deadlock. More...
int debug_
 Print a bunch of debug messages. More...
ACE_TSS_TPQ_Entry waiter_
 Waiter info used for asynchronous transactions. More...

Detailed Description

Class that acquires, renews, and releases a readers lock that is local to the process.

This class implements the reader interface to canonical readers/writer locks. Multiple readers can hold the lock simultaneously when no writers have the lock. Alternatively, when a writer holds the lock, no other participants (readers or writers) may hold the lock. This class is a more general-purpose synchronization mechanism than SunOS 5.x RLocks. For example, it implements "recursive RLock" semantics, where a thread that owns the token can reacquire it without deadlocking. In addition, threads that are blocked awaiting the token are serviced in strict FIFO order as other threads release the token (SunOS 5.x RLockes don't strictly enforce an acquisition order). The interfaces for acquire, tryacquire, renew, release, etc. are defined in ACE_Token_Proxy. The semantics for ACE_Local_RLock are that of a readers/writers lock. Acquire for this class implies a reader acquisition. That is, multiple clients may acquire a lock for read only.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Local_RLock::ACE_Local_RLock ( const ACE_TCHAR token_name = 0,
int  ignore_deadlock = 0,
int  debug = 0 


token_nameUniquely id's the token.
ignore_deadlockWill allow deadlock to occur (useful for testing).
debugPrints a bunch of messages.
ACE_Local_RLock::~ACE_Local_RLock ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

ACE_Token_Proxy * ACE_Local_RLock::clone ( void  ) const

Return deep copy.

Implements ACE_Token_Proxy.

ACE_Tokens * ACE_Local_RLock::create_token ( const ACE_TCHAR name)

Return a new ACE_Local_Mutex.

Implements ACE_Token_Proxy.

void ACE_Local_RLock::dump ( void  ) const

Dump the state of the class.

int ACE_Local_RLock::type ( void  ) const

Returns ACE_RW_Token::RLOCK.

Reimplemented from ACE_Token_Proxy.

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