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ACE_Asynch_Result Class Reference

An interface base class which allows users access to common information related to an asynchronous operation. More...

#include <Asynch_IO.h>

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Public Member Functions

size_t bytes_transferred (void) const
 Number of bytes transferred by the operation. More...
const void * act (void) const
 ACT associated with the operation. More...
int success (void) const
 Did the operation succeed? More...
const void * completion_key (void) const
unsigned long error (void) const
 Error value if the operation fails. More...
ACE_HANDLE event (void) const
unsigned long offset (void) const
unsigned long offset_high (void) const
int priority (void) const
int signal_number (void) const
virtual ~ACE_Asynch_Result (void)
 Destructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

 ACE_Asynch_Result (ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl *implementation)
ACE_Asynch_Result_Implimplementation (void) const
 Get the implementation class. More...

Protected Attributes

 Implementation class. More...

Detailed Description

An interface base class which allows users access to common information related to an asynchronous operation.

An interface base class from which you can obtain some basic information like the number of bytes transferred, the ACT associated with the asynchronous operation, indication of success or failure, etc. Subclasses may want to store more information that is particular to the asynchronous operation it represents.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Asynch_Result::~ACE_Asynch_Result ( void  )


ACE_Asynch_Result::ACE_Asynch_Result ( ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl implementation)

Constructor. This implementation will not be deleted. The implementation will be deleted by the Proactor.

Member Function Documentation

const void * ACE_Asynch_Result::act ( void  ) const

ACT associated with the operation.

size_t ACE_Asynch_Result::bytes_transferred ( void  ) const

Number of bytes transferred by the operation.

const void * ACE_Asynch_Result::completion_key ( void  ) const

This is the ACT associated with the handle on which the Asynch_Operation takes place.

On WIN32, this returns the ACT associated with the handle when it was registered with the I/O completion port.

@ This is not implemented for POSIX4 platforms. Returns 0.

unsigned long ACE_Asynch_Result::error ( void  ) const

Error value if the operation fails.

ACE_HANDLE ACE_Asynch_Result::event ( void  ) const

On WIN32, this returns the event associated with the OVERLAPPED structure.

This returns ACE_INVALID_HANDLE on POSIX4-Unix platforms.

ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl * ACE_Asynch_Result::implementation ( void  ) const

Get the implementation class.

unsigned long ACE_Asynch_Result::offset ( void  ) const

This really makes sense only when doing file I/O.

On WIN32, these are represented in the OVERLAPPED datastructure.

@ On POSIX4-Unix, offset_high should be supported using aiocb64.

unsigned long ACE_Asynch_Result::offset_high ( void  ) const
int ACE_Asynch_Result::priority ( void  ) const

Priority of the operation.

On POSIX4-Unix, this is supported. Priority works like {nice} in Unix. Negative values are not allowed. 0 means priority of the operation same as the process priority. 1 means priority of the operation is one less than process. And so forth.

On Win32, this is a no-op.

int ACE_Asynch_Result::signal_number ( void  ) const

POSIX4 real-time signal number to be used for the operation. {signal_number} ranges from ACE_SIGRTMIN to ACE_SIGRTMAX. By default, ACE_SIGRTMIN is used to issue {aio_} calls. This is a no-op on non-POSIX4 systems and returns 0.

int ACE_Asynch_Result::success ( void  ) const

Did the operation succeed?

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Asynch_Result_Impl* ACE_Asynch_Result::implementation_

Implementation class.

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