ACE  6.1.2
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Timeprobe.h File Reference
#include "ace/config-lite.h"
#include "ace/Malloc_Allocator.h"


#define ACE_TIMEPROBE(id)
#define ACE_TIMEPROBE_EVENT_DESCRIPTIONS(descriptions, minimum_id)

Detailed Description

Timeprobe.h 80826 2008-03-04 14:51:23Z wotte
Irfan Pyarali

If users want to use time probes, the ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES flag must be defined when compiling ACE. This can be achieved by doing one of the following:

. Use make probe = 1, if you are using the make utility.

. Define ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES in config.h

. Define ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES in the VC project file.

. Other regular methods will also work.

It is not necessary to define ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES when using time probes, you simply need ACE_ENABLE_TIMEPROBES. You can use the ACE_TIMEPROBE_* macros to program the time probes, and use the ACE_ENABLE_TIMEPROBE to enable the time probes. If you define ACE_ENABLE_TIMEPROBE in your code, but forget to compile ACE with ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES, you will end up with linker errors.

Remember that ACE_COMPILE_TIMEPROBES means that the ACE library will contain code for time probes. This is only useful when compiling ACE. ACE_ENABLE_TIMEPROBES means that the ACE_TIMEPROBE_* macros should spring to life.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ACE_TIMEPROBE (   id)
#define ACE_TIMEPROBE_EVENT_DESCRIPTIONS (   descriptions,