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ACE_TTY_IO Class Reference

Class definitions for platform specific TTY features. More...

#include <TTY_IO.h>

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struct  Serial_Params

Public Types

enum  Control_Mode { SETPARAMS, GETPARAMS }

Public Member Functions

int control (Control_Mode cmd, Serial_Params *arg) const

Detailed Description

Class definitions for platform specific TTY features.

This class represents an example interface for a specific device (a serial line). It extends the capability of the underlying DEV_IO class by adding a control method that takes a special structure (Serial_Params) as argument to allow a comfortable user interface (away from that annoying termios structure, which is very specific to UNIX).

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Set control parameters.


Get control parameters.

Member Function Documentation

int ACE_TTY_IO::control ( Control_Mode  cmd,
Serial_Params arg 
) const

Interface for reading/writing serial device parameters.

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