DDS4CCM  1.0.8
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CIAO_CCM_DDS_DDS_Base_Impl Namespace Reference


class  DDS_Base_Servant
class  DDS_Base_Context_T
class  DDS_Base_Exec


typedef DDS_Base_ExecDDS_Base_Exec_ptr
typedef TAO_Objref_Var_T
< DDS_Base_Exec
typedef TAO_Objref_Out_T
< DDS_Base_Exec


DDS4CCM_SKEL_Export::PortableServer::Servant create_CCM_DDS_DDS_Base_Servant (::Components::EnterpriseComponent_ptr p,::CIAO::Session_Container_ptr c, const char *ins_name)

Detailed Description

Code generated by the The ACE ORB (TAO) IDL Compiler v2.0.8 TAO and the TAO IDL Compiler have been developed by: Center for Distributed Object Computing Washington University St. Louis, MO USA and Distributed Object Computing Laboratory University of California at Irvine Irvine, CA USA and Institute for Software Integrated Systems Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN USA

Information about TAO is available at:

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DDS4CCM_SKEL_Export::PortableServer::Servant CIAO_CCM_DDS_DDS_Base_Impl::create_CCM_DDS_DDS_Base_Servant ( ::Components::EnterpriseComponent_ptr  p,
::CIAO::Session_Container_ptr  c,
const char *  ins_name 
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