DDS4CCM  1.0.8
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CCM_DDS::DDS_Base Class Reference

#include <dds4ccm_ConnectorC.h>

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Public Types

typedef DDS_Base_ptr _ptr_type
typedef DDS_Base_var _var_type
typedef DDS_Base_out _out_type

Public Member Functions

virtual ::DDS::DomainId_t domain_id (void)
virtual void domain_id (::DDS::DomainId_t domain_id)
virtual char * qos_profile (void)
virtual void qos_profile (const char *qos_profile)
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean _is_a (const char *type_id)
virtual const char * _interface_repository_id (void) const
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean marshal (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr)

Static Public Member Functions

static void _tao_any_destructor (void *)
static DDS_Base_ptr _duplicate (DDS_Base_ptr obj)
static DDS_Base_ptr _narrow (::CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static DDS_Base_ptr _nil (void)

Protected Member Functions

 DDS_Base (void)
 DDS_Base (::IOP::IOR *ior, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core)
 DDS_Base (TAO_Stub *objref,::CORBA::Boolean _tao_collocated=false, TAO_Abstract_ServantBase *servant=0, TAO_ORB_Core *orb_core=0)
virtual ~DDS_Base (void)

Private Member Functions

 DDS_Base (const DDS_Base &)
void operator= (const DDS_Base &)


class TAO::Narrow_Utils< DDS_Base >
class _TAO_DDS_Base_Direct_Proxy_Impl

Member Typedef Documentation

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::DDS_Base ( void  ) [protected]
CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::DDS_Base ( ::IOP::IOR ior,
TAO_ORB_Core orb_core 
) [protected]
CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::DDS_Base ( TAO_Stub objref,
::CORBA::Boolean  _tao_collocated = false,
TAO_Abstract_ServantBase servant = 0,
TAO_ORB_Core oc = 0 
) [protected]

Code generated by the The ACE ORB (TAO) IDL Compiler v2.0.8 TAO and the TAO IDL Compiler have been developed by: Center for Distributed Object Computing Washington University St. Louis, MO USA and Distributed Object Computing Laboratory University of California at Irvine Irvine, CA USA and Institute for Software Integrated Systems Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN USA

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CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::~DDS_Base ( void  ) [protected, virtual]
CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::DDS_Base ( const DDS_Base ) [private]

Member Function Documentation

CCM_DDS::DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_duplicate ( DDS_Base_ptr  obj) [static]
const char * CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_interface_repository_id ( void  ) const [virtual]

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

CORBA::Boolean CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_is_a ( const char *  type_id)

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

CCM_DDS::DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_narrow ( ::CORBA::Object_ptr  obj) [static]

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

CCM_DDS::DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_nil ( void  ) [static]

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

void CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::_tao_any_destructor ( void *  _tao_void_pointer) [static]

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

DDS::DomainId_t CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::domain_id ( void  )
void CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::domain_id ( ::DDS::DomainId_t  domain_id) [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::marshal ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr)

Reimplemented in CCM_DDS::DDS_TopicBase.

void CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::operator= ( const DDS_Base ) [private]
char * CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::qos_profile ( void  ) [virtual]
void CCM_DDS::DDS_Base::qos_profile ( const char *  qos_profile) [virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class _TAO_DDS_Base_Direct_Proxy_Impl [friend]
friend class TAO::Narrow_Utils< DDS_Base > [friend]

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