DDS4CCM  1.0.8
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CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base Class Reference

import "dds4ccm_ConnectorEC.h";

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Public Types

typedef CCM_DDS_Base_ptr _ptr_type
typedef CCM_DDS_Base_var _var_type
typedef CCM_DDS_Base_out _out_type

Public Member Functions

setraises (::CCM_DDS::NonChangeable)
attribute string qos_profile setraises (::CCM_DDS::NonChangeable)
virtual ::DDS::DomainId_t domain_id (void)=0
virtual void domain_id (::DDS::DomainId_t domain_id)=0
virtual char * qos_profile (void)=0
virtual void qos_profile (const char *qos_profile)=0
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean _is_a (const char *type_id)
virtual const char * _interface_repository_id (void) const
virtual ::CORBA::Boolean marshal (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr)

Static Public Member Functions

static CCM_DDS_Base_ptr _duplicate (CCM_DDS_Base_ptr obj)
static void _tao_release (CCM_DDS_Base_ptr obj)
static CCM_DDS_Base_ptr _narrow (::CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static CCM_DDS_Base_ptr _unchecked_narrow (::CORBA::Object_ptr obj)
static CCM_DDS_Base_ptr _nil (void)

Protected Member Functions

 CCM_DDS_Base (void)
virtual ~CCM_DDS_Base (void)

Private Member Functions

 CCM_DDS_Base (const CCM_DDS_Base &)
void operator= (const CCM_DDS_Base &)

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::CCM_DDS_Base ( void  ) [protected]
CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::~CCM_DDS_Base ( void  ) [protected, virtual]
CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::CCM_DDS_Base ( const CCM_DDS_Base ) [private]

Member Function Documentation

CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_duplicate ( CCM_DDS_Base_ptr  obj) [static]
const char * CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_interface_repository_id ( void  ) const [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_is_a ( const char *  type_id)
CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_narrow ( ::CORBA::Object_ptr  obj) [static]
CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_nil ( void  ) [static]
void CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_tao_release ( CCM_DDS_Base_ptr  obj) [static]
CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base_ptr CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::_unchecked_narrow ( ::CORBA::Object_ptr  obj) [static]
virtual ::DDS::DomainId_t CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::domain_id ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual void CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::domain_id ( ::DDS::DomainId_t  domain_id) [pure virtual]
CORBA::Boolean CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::marshal ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr)
void CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::operator= ( const CCM_DDS_Base ) [private]
virtual char* CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::qos_profile ( void  ) [pure virtual]
virtual void CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::qos_profile ( const char *  qos_profile) [pure virtual]
attribute ::DDS::DomainId_t domain_id CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::setraises ( ::CCM_DDS::NonChangeable  )
attribute string qos_profile CCM_DDS::CCM_DDS_Base::setraises ( ::CCM_DDS::NonChangeable  )

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