ACE_INet  6.0.8
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ACE::INet::URL_Base Class Reference

#include <URLBase.h>

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class  Factory

Public Member Functions

 URL_Base ()
virtual ~URL_Base ()
virtual bool parse (const ACE_CString &url_string)
void set_path (const ACE_CString &path)
virtual void set_query (const ACE_CString &query)
virtual void set_fragment (const ACE_CString &fragment)
virtual const ACE_CStringget_scheme () const =0
const ACE_CStringget_protocol () const
virtual ACE_CString get_authority () const
const ACE_CStringget_path () const
virtual const ACE_CStringget_query () const
virtual const ACE_CStringget_fragment () const
virtual URLStream open () const
virtual URLStream open (ClientRequestHandler &rh) const
virtual ACE_CString to_string () const =0
virtual bool validate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static URL_Basecreate_from_string (const ACE_CString &url_string)
static void register_factory (Factory *url_factory)
static void deregister_factory (Factory *url_factory)

Protected Member Functions

bool strip_scheme (ACE_CString &url_string)
virtual int parse_authority (std::istream &is)
virtual bool has_authority ()
virtual ClientRequestHandlercreate_default_request_handler () const =0

Static Protected Attributes

static const ACE_CString empty_

Private Types

typedef ACE_Map_Manager
< ACE_CString, Factory
typedef ACE_Singleton
< TURLFactoryMap,

Private Attributes

ACE_CString path_

Static Private Attributes

static TURLFactoryMapfactories_ = 0

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef ACE_Singleton<TURLFactoryMap, ACE_SYNCH::NULL_MUTEX> ACE::INet::URL_Base::TURLFactorySingleton [private]

Reimplemented in ACE::HTTP::URL, ACE::FTP::URL, and ACE::HTTPS::URL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE::INet::URL_Base::URL_Base ( )
ACE::INet::URL_Base::~URL_Base ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual ClientRequestHandler* ACE::INet::URL_Base::create_default_request_handler ( ) const [protected, pure virtual]
URL_Base * ACE::INet::URL_Base::create_from_string ( const ACE_CString url_string) [static]
void ACE::INet::URL_Base::deregister_factory ( Factory url_factory) [static]
ACE_CString ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_authority ( ) const [inline, virtual]
const ACE_CString & ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_fragment ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in ACE::HTTP::URL.

const ACE_CString & ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_path ( ) const [inline]
const ACE_CString & ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_protocol ( ) const [inline]
const ACE_CString & ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_query ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in ACE::HTTP::URL.

virtual const ACE_CString& ACE::INet::URL_Base::get_scheme ( ) const [pure virtual]
bool ACE::INet::URL_Base::has_authority ( ) [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented in ACE::INet::URL_INetBase.

URLStream ACE::INet::URL_Base::open ( ) const [virtual]
URLStream ACE::INet::URL_Base::open ( ClientRequestHandler rh) const [virtual]
bool ACE::INet::URL_Base::parse ( const ACE_CString url_string) [virtual]
int ACE::INet::URL_Base::parse_authority ( std::istream &  is) [protected, virtual]
void ACE::INet::URL_Base::register_factory ( Factory url_factory) [static]
void ACE::INet::URL_Base::set_fragment ( const ACE_CString fragment) [inline, virtual]
void ACE::INet::URL_Base::set_path ( const ACE_CString path) [inline]
void ACE::INet::URL_Base::set_query ( const ACE_CString query) [inline, virtual]
bool ACE::INet::URL_Base::strip_scheme ( ACE_CString url_string) [protected]
virtual ACE_CString ACE::INet::URL_Base::to_string ( ) const [pure virtual]

Implemented in ACE::HTTP::URL, and ACE::FTP::URL.

bool ACE::INet::URL_Base::validate ( ) [virtual]

Reimplemented in ACE::INet::URL_INetBase.

Member Data Documentation

const ACE_CString ACE::INet::URL_Base::empty_ [static, protected]

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