ACE_INet  6.0.8
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ACE::FTP::Request Class Reference

#include <FTP_Request.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Request ()
virtual ~Request ()
void reset ()
 resets the request object
Requestoperator() (const ACE_CString &cmd)
void command (const ACE_CString &cmd)
 sets the current command
const ACE_CStringcommand () const
 returns the current command
Requestoperator<< (const ACE_CString &arg)
const ACE_CStringarguments () const
 returns the arguments string
void arguments (ACE_Array< ACE_CString > &args) const
 retrieves the arguments
void write (std::ostream &str) const
 Writes the FTP request to the given stream.
bool read (std::istream &str)

Static Public Attributes

static const ACE_CString FTP_USER = "USER"
static const ACE_CString FTP_PASS = "PASS"
static const ACE_CString FTP_QUIT = "QUIT"
static const ACE_CString FTP_TYPE = "TYPE"
static const ACE_CString FTP_SYST = "SYST"
static const ACE_CString FTP_PWD = "PWD"
static const ACE_CString FTP_CWD = "CWD"
static const ACE_CString FTP_CDUP = "CDUP"
static const ACE_CString FTP_RNFR = "RNFR"
static const ACE_CString FTP_RNTO = "RNTO"
static const ACE_CString FTP_DELE = "DELE"
static const ACE_CString FTP_MKD = "MKD"
static const ACE_CString FTP_RMD = "RMD"
static const ACE_CString FTP_RETR = "RETR"
static const ACE_CString FTP_STOR = "STOR"
static const ACE_CString FTP_LIST = "LIST"
static const ACE_CString FTP_NLST = "NLST"
static const ACE_CString FTP_ABOR = "ABOR"
static const ACE_CString FTP_EPRT = "EPRT"
static const ACE_CString FTP_PORT = "PORT"
static const ACE_CString FTP_EPSV = "EPSV"
static const ACE_CString FTP_PASV = "PASV"
static const ACE_CString FTP_STAT = "STAT"

Private Types

enum  Limits { MAX_CMD_LENGTH = 4, MAX_ARG_LENGTH = 4096 }

Private Attributes

ACE_CString command_
ACE_CString args_

Static Private Attributes

static const int eof_ = std::char_traits<char>::eof ()

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum ACE::FTP::Request::Limits [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE::FTP::Request::Request ( )

Reimplemented from ACE::INet::Request.

ACE::FTP::Request::~Request ( ) [virtual]

Reimplemented from ACE::INet::Request.

Member Function Documentation

const ACE_CString & ACE::FTP::Request::arguments ( ) const [inline]

returns the arguments string

void ACE::FTP::Request::arguments ( ACE_Array< ACE_CString > &  args) const

retrieves the arguments

void ACE::FTP::Request::command ( const ACE_CString cmd) [inline]

sets the current command

const ACE_CString & ACE::FTP::Request::command ( ) const [inline]

returns the current command

Request & ACE::FTP::Request::operator() ( const ACE_CString cmd) [inline]

resets the request object and sets new command

Request & ACE::FTP::Request::operator<< ( const ACE_CString arg) [inline]

adds a command argument separates multiple arguments with a space

bool ACE::FTP::Request::read ( std::istream &  str)

Reads the FTP request from the given stream.

void ACE::FTP::Request::reset ( ) [inline]

resets the request object

void ACE::FTP::Request::write ( std::ostream &  str) const

Writes the FTP request to the given stream.

Member Data Documentation

const int ACE::FTP::Request::eof_ = std::char_traits<char>::eof () [static, private]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_ABOR = "ABOR" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_CDUP = "CDUP" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_CWD = "CWD" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_DELE = "DELE" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_EPRT = "EPRT" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_EPSV = "EPSV" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_LIST = "LIST" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_MKD = "MKD" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_NLST = "NLST" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_PASS = "PASS" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_PASV = "PASV" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_PORT = "PORT" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_PWD = "PWD" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_QUIT = "QUIT" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_RETR = "RETR" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_RMD = "RMD" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_RNFR = "RNFR" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_RNTO = "RNTO" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_STAT = "STAT" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_STOR = "STOR" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_SYST = "SYST" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_TYPE = "TYPE" [static]
const ACE_CString ACE::FTP::Request::FTP_USER = "USER" [static]

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