ACE_INet  6.0.8
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ACE::HTTPS::Context Class Reference

#include <HTTPS_Context.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Context (bool verify_peer=Context::ssl_verify_peer_, bool strict=Context::ssl_strict_, bool once=Context::ssl_once_, int depth=Context::ssl_depth_, int ssl_mode=Context::ssl_mode_, ACE_SSL_Context *ssl_ctx=ACE_SSL_Context::instance(), bool release=false, ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager *ssl_cbmngr=ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager::instance())
 Context (ACE_SSL_Context *ssl_ctx, bool release=false, ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager *ssl_cbmngr=0)
 ~Context ()
 operator bool (void) const
bool operator! (void) const
ACE_SSL_Context & ssl_context (void)
const ACE_SSL_Context & ssl_context (void) const
bool use_default_ca ()
bool set_key_files (const char *certificate_filename, const char *private_key_filename, int file_type=SSL_FILETYPE_PEM)
bool load_trusted_ca (const char *ca_location)
int has_trusted_ca ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void set_default_ssl_mode (int ssl_mode)
static void set_default_verify_mode (bool verify_peer)
static void set_default_verify_settings (bool strict, bool once=true, int depth=0)
static Contextinstance ()

Private Member Functions

 Context (const Context &)

Private Attributes

ACE_SSL_Context * ssl_ctx_
ACE_Auto_Ptr< ACE_SSL_Context > alloc_safe

Static Private Attributes

static int ssl_mode_ = ACE_SSL_Context::SSLv3
static bool ssl_strict_ = false
static bool ssl_once_ = true
static int ssl_depth_ = 0
static bool ssl_verify_peer_ = true


class ACE_Singleton< Context, ACE_SYNCH::MUTEX >

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE::HTTPS::Context::Context ( bool  verify_peer = Context::ssl_verify_peer_,
bool  strict = Context::ssl_strict_,
bool  once = Context::ssl_once_,
int  depth = Context::ssl_depth_,
int  ssl_mode = Context::ssl_mode_,
ACE_SSL_Context *  ssl_ctx = ACE_SSL_Context::instance (),
bool  release = false,
ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager ssl_cbmngr = ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager::instance () 
ACE::HTTPS::Context::Context ( ACE_SSL_Context *  ssl_ctx,
bool  release = false,
ACE::INet::SSL_CallbackManager ssl_cbmngr = 0 
ACE::HTTPS::Context::~Context ( )
ACE::HTTPS::Context::Context ( const Context ) [private]

Member Function Documentation

int ACE::HTTPS::Context::has_trusted_ca ( ) [inline]
Context & ACE::HTTPS::Context::instance ( void  ) [static]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::load_trusted_ca ( const char *  ca_location)
ACE::HTTPS::Context::operator bool ( void  ) const [inline]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::operator! ( void  ) const [inline]
void ACE::HTTPS::Context::set_default_ssl_mode ( int  ssl_mode) [inline, static]
void ACE::HTTPS::Context::set_default_verify_mode ( bool  verify_peer) [inline, static]
void ACE::HTTPS::Context::set_default_verify_settings ( bool  strict,
bool  once = true,
int  depth = 0 
) [inline, static]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::set_key_files ( const char *  certificate_filename,
const char *  private_key_filename,
int  file_type = SSL_FILETYPE_PEM 
) [inline]
ACE_SSL_Context & ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_context ( void  ) [inline]
const ACE_SSL_Context & ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_context ( void  ) const [inline]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::use_default_ca ( ) [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class ACE_Singleton< Context, ACE_SYNCH::MUTEX > [friend]

Member Data Documentation

ACE_Auto_Ptr<ACE_SSL_Context> ACE::HTTPS::Context::alloc_safe [private]
ACE_SSL_Context* ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_ctx_ [private]
int ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_depth_ = 0 [static, private]
int ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_mode_ = ACE_SSL_Context::SSLv3 [static, private]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_once_ = true [static, private]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_strict_ = false [static, private]
bool ACE::HTTPS::Context::ssl_verify_peer_ = true [static, private]

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