TAO  2.0.6
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TAO::String_out Class Reference

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#include <CORBA_String.h>

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Public Types

typedef charT character_type
< character_type
typedef s_traits::string_mgr string_mgr

Public Member Functions

 String_out (character_type *&p)
 Construction from a reference to a string.
 String_out (String_var< character_type > &p)
 Construction from a var.
 String_out (string_mgr &p)
 Construction from a TAO::String_Manager.
 String_out (const String_out< charT > &s)
 Copy constructor.
String_outoperator= (String_out< charT > const &s)
 Assignment from a string_out.
String_outoperator= (character_type *p)
 Assignment from a string.
String_outoperator= (const character_type *p)
 Assignment from a constant char*.
 operator character_type *& ()
character_type *& ptr (void)
 Return underlying instance.

Private Member Functions

void operator= (const typename s_traits::string_var &)

Private Attributes

character_type *& ptr_

Detailed Description


To support the memory management for "out" parameter passing mode.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef charT TAO::String_out::character_type
typedef TAO::details::string_traits_base<character_type> TAO::String_out::s_traits
typedef s_traits::string_mgr TAO::String_out::string_mgr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::String_out::String_out ( character_type *&  p) [inline]

Construction from a reference to a string.

TAO::String_out::String_out ( String_var< character_type > &  p) [inline]

Construction from a var.

TAO::String_out::String_out ( string_mgr p) [inline]

Construction from a TAO::String_Manager.

TAO::String_out::String_out ( const String_out< charT > &  s) [inline]

Copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

TAO::String_out::operator character_type *& ( ) [inline]


String_out& TAO::String_out::operator= ( String_out< charT > const &  s) [inline]

Assignment from a string_out.

String_out& TAO::String_out::operator= ( character_type p) [inline]

Assignment from a string.

String_out& TAO::String_out::operator= ( const character_type p) [inline]

Assignment from a constant char*.

void TAO::String_out::operator= ( const typename s_traits::string_var &  ) [private]
character_type*& TAO::String_out::ptr ( void  ) [inline]

Return underlying instance.

Member Data Documentation

character_type*& TAO::String_out::ptr_ [private]


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