TAO  2.0.6
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TAO::Argument Class Reference

Base class for argument class templates. More...

#include <Argument.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~Argument (void)
virtual CORBA::Boolean marshal (TAO_OutputCDR &cdr)
 Marshal the argument into the given CDR output stream.
virtual CORBA::Boolean demarshal (TAO_InputCDR &)
 Demarshal the argument from the given CDR input stream.
virtual Argumentclone (void)
 Template method to clone a TAO Argument.
Portable Interceptor Related Methods

These methods are only used when setting up PortableInterceptor::RequestInfo instances with the appropriate operation-specific parameter list and return value, if either or both exist.

virtual void interceptor_value (CORBA::Any *) const
 Populate the given CORBA::Any result argument.
virtual CORBA::ParameterMode mode (void) const =0
 Get the parameter mode of this argument.

Detailed Description

Base class for argument class templates.

Argument subclasses override the virtual methods appropriately. For example, a stub "IN" argument class template would override the marshal() method, but wouldn't need to override the demarshal() method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TAO::Argument::~Argument ( void  ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

TAO::Argument * TAO::Argument::clone ( void  ) [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Argument::demarshal ( TAO_InputCDR ) [virtual]
void TAO::Argument::interceptor_value ( CORBA::Any *  ) const [virtual]
CORBA::Boolean TAO::Argument::marshal ( TAO_OutputCDR cdr) [virtual]
virtual CORBA::ParameterMode TAO::Argument::mode ( void  ) const [pure virtual]

Get the parameter mode of this argument.

Implemented in TAO::RetArgument, TAO::OutArgument, TAO::InoutArgument, and TAO::InArgument.

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