ACE  6.0.6
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Hash_Token Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Hash_Token (void)
Hash_Token< TYPE > * get_next (void)
void set_next (Hash_Token< TYPE > *next)
void set (const void *act, size_t pos, long orig_id, const TYPE &type)

Public Attributes

const void * act_
size_t pos_
long orig_id_
TYPE type_
Hash_Token< TYPE > * next_
 Pointer to next token.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Hash_Token::Hash_Token ( void  ) [inline]

Member Function Documentation

Hash_Token<TYPE>* Hash_Token::get_next ( void  ) [inline]
void Hash_Token::set ( const void *  act,
size_t  pos,
long  orig_id,
const TYPE &  type 
) [inline]
void Hash_Token::set_next ( Hash_Token< TYPE > *  next) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

const void* Hash_Token::act_

Pointer to next token.

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