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ACE_Stream_Head Class Reference

Standard task that acts as reader or writer at the head of an ACE_Stream. More...

#include <Stream_Modules.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ACE_Stream_Head (void)
 ~ACE_Stream_Head (void)
virtual int open (void *a=0)
virtual int close (u_long flags=0)
virtual int put (ACE_Message_Block *msg, ACE_Time_Value *=0)
virtual int svc (void)
virtual int init (int argc, ACE_TCHAR *argv[])
virtual int info (ACE_TCHAR **info_string, size_t length) const
virtual int fini (void)
void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of an object.

Public Attributes

 Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Private Member Functions

int control (ACE_Message_Block *)
 Performs canonical flushing at the ACE_Stream Head.
int canonical_flush (ACE_Message_Block *)

Detailed Description

Standard task that acts as reader or writer at the head of an ACE_Stream.

A ACE_Message_Block sent to this task (via its put() hook) triggers actions depending on the block type and whether the task is acting as a reader or a writer. If the block is of type ACE_Message_Block::MB_IOCTL, the block's is assumed to contain (beginning at its rd_ptr()) an ACE_IO_Cntl_Msg object and is processed accordingly. This is usually used to set the task's message queue high water and/or low water marks.

When the block is not ACE_Message_Block::MB_IOCTL, processing depends on the ACE_Stream_Head's role in the module:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Stream_Head::ACE_Stream_Head ( void  )


ACE_Stream_Head::~ACE_Stream_Head ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

int ACE_Stream_Head::canonical_flush ( ACE_Message_Block mb) [private]
int ACE_Stream_Head::close ( u_long  flags = 0) [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::control ( ACE_Message_Block mb) [private]

Performs canonical flushing at the ACE_Stream Head.

void ACE_Stream_Head::dump ( void  ) const

Dump the state of an object.

Reimplemented from ACE_Task< ACE_SYNCH_USE >.

int ACE_Stream_Head::fini ( void  ) [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::info ( ACE_TCHAR **  info_string,
size_t  length 
) const [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::init ( int  argc,
ACE_TCHAR argv[] 
) [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::open ( void *  a = 0) [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::put ( ACE_Message_Block msg,
ACE_Time_Value tv = 0 
) [virtual]
int ACE_Stream_Head::svc ( void  ) [virtual]

Member Data Documentation

Declare the dynamic allocation hooks.

Reimplemented from ACE_Task< ACE_SYNCH_USE >.

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