ACE  6.0.6
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ACE_Scheduling_Strategy Class Reference

Defines the interface for specifying how to suspend and resume a service . More...

#include <Strategies_T.h>

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Public Types

typedef SVC_HANDLER::addr_type addr_type
typedef SVC_HANDLER handler_type
typedef SVC_HANDLER::stream_type stream_type

Public Member Functions

 ACE_Scheduling_Strategy (SVC_HANDLER *=0)
virtual ~ACE_Scheduling_Strategy (void)
virtual int suspend (void)
 Suspend hook.
virtual int resume (void)
 Resume hook.
virtual void dump (void) const
 Dump the state of the object.

Detailed Description

Defines the interface for specifying how to suspend and resume a service .

This class provides a strategy that allows arbitrarily sophisticated service suspension and resumption. The default behavior is to do nothing...

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef SVC_HANDLER::addr_type ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::addr_type
typedef SVC_HANDLER::stream_type ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::stream_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::ACE_Scheduling_Strategy ( SVC_HANDLER *  = 0)


virtual ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::~ACE_Scheduling_Strategy ( void  ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::dump ( void  ) const [virtual]

Dump the state of the object.

Reimplemented in ACE_Schedule_All_Threaded_Strategy, and ACE_Schedule_All_Reactive_Strategy.

virtual int ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::resume ( void  ) [virtual]
virtual int ACE_Scheduling_Strategy::suspend ( void  ) [virtual]

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