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ACE_Null_Caching_Utility Class Reference

Defines a dummy helper class for the Caching Strategies. More...

#include <Caching_Utility_T.h>

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Public Types

ACE_Null_Cleanup_Strategy< KEY,
typedef ACE_Cleanup_Strategy

Public Member Functions

 ACE_Null_Caching_Utility (ACE_Cleanup_Strategy< KEY, VALUE, CONTAINER > *cleanup_strategy=0, bool delete_cleanup_strategy=false)
 ~ACE_Null_Caching_Utility (void)
int clear_cache (CONTAINER &container, double purge_percent)

Protected Member Functions

void minimum (CONTAINER &container, KEY *&key_to_remove, VALUE *&value_to_remove)

Protected Attributes

bool delete_cleanup_strategy_
 Whether the cleanup_strategy should be destroyed or not.

Detailed Description

Defines a dummy helper class for the Caching Strategies.

This class defines the methods commonly used by the different caching strategies. For instance: <clear_cache> method which decides and purges the entry from the container.

This class is be used with the Null_Caching_Strategy. The Cleanup_Strategy is the callback class to which the entries to be cleaned up will be delegated.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACE_Null_Caching_Utility::ACE_Null_Caching_Utility ( ACE_Cleanup_Strategy< KEY, VALUE, CONTAINER > *  cleanup_strategy = 0,
bool  delete_cleanup_strategy = false 


ACE_Null_Caching_Utility::~ACE_Null_Caching_Utility ( void  )


Member Function Documentation

int ACE_Null_Caching_Utility::clear_cache ( CONTAINER &  container,
double  purge_percent 

Purge entries from the <container>. The Cleanup_Strategy will do the actual job of cleanup once the entries to be cleaned up are decided.

Here it is a no-op.
void ACE_Null_Caching_Utility::minimum ( CONTAINER &  container,
KEY *&  key_to_remove,
VALUE *&  value_to_remove 
) [protected]

Find the entry with minimum caching attributes. This is handler specific since this utility is to be used very specifically for handler who have caching_attributes for server side acched connection management.

Here it is a no-op.

Member Data Documentation

The cleanup strategy which can be used to destroy the entries of the container.

Whether the cleanup_strategy should be destroyed or not.

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